Commercial Use

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Deviation Actions

1. As is indicates that my stock images are sold in the formats seen here on display: .jpeg, .png, and .psd. I cannot re-save files into incompatible formats such as taking an image created in Photoshop and save it in Vector format.
2. Images on display, with the exception of small watermarked images, are the maximum size that I have. While I can scale down an image, I cannot upscale one without potentially losing quality.
3. While I can change the color of an image, not everything is feasible, please inquire first.

What constitutes commercial use:

:bulletpink: Any use from which you, the stock user, will generate profit, real or in online currency of any form. 
:bulletpink: Any use that will aid you, the stock user, in generating profit. Ex. Business Cards and Logos.
(You may use my stock in dA prints and deviant sponsored contests free of charge. I will not consider these actions commercial use.)

Commercial use includes but is not limited to:

:bulletpink: Things in print: Book covers, CD covers, e-Book covers, T-shirts, pillows, menus, banners, fliers, etc.
:bulletpink: Off-site prints.
:bulletpink: Commissions for which you charge more than $5.00/400 :points:
:bulletpink: Site layouts that you receive payment for.
:bulletpink: Exclusive premade backgrounds.
:bulletpink: Business Cards and Logos
:bulletpink: Winning a contest where the prize is getting your image in print (See Things in print above).
(See things in print above)

I want to use your image commercially, what do I do?

:bulletpink: Contact me by sending me a note or commenting on the stock you're interested in.
:bulletpink: Please be sure to read the entire commercial use journal (this journal) prior to contacting me.

You should include the following information:

:bulletpink: Link to the stock you're interested in.
:bulletpink: What you intend on doing with the image.
:bulletpink: What you believe to be a fair price.
:bulletpink: (Book) Print or eBook. Number of copies expected to print.

How should I pay you?

:bulletpink: After you have contacted me and we have agreed on a price I will set the stock of your choice up with a commercial use policy and make it available for payment in the option of your choice:
1. A download under the deviantART premium content platform where you may pay in points.
2. Or, you may send a dollar amount payment to my PayPal e-mail:

:bulletpink: Please do not send payment to my donation pool.

:bulletpink: In the event you want to use my stock for a book cover, I may waive the stock price in exchange for a free copy of the book and an internal credit.

Crediting Commercially Used Stock

:bulletpink: Purchasing my stock doesn't exclude you from crediting me if at all possible.
:bulletpink: The method by which you may be able to credit me may vary by type of commercial use.
:bulletpink: Credit using my name: Katie Litchfield
:bulletpink: When possible, credit using my name and a link back to my stock.


:bulletpink: May I sell your stock as is?  No. Don't ever ask to sell my unmanipulated stock.
:bulletpink: May I make and sell pre-cuts from your stock? No.
:bulletpink: I saw a price in points on your stock, what's up with that? Sorry, those are null and void, I haven't had time to update my stock.
:bulletpink: Do you take paid commissions for wings for commercial use? Yes.

:bulletpink: Questions? Ask in the comments, thanks!

This entry is subject to change and updating of information

© 2013 - 2021 Thy-Darkest-Hour
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heletia's avatar

Commerical Use does that include third part printing of Diamond Paintings??? Not mass production. Can I purchase a Licence from you? many thanks Helen

Hi Katie,

I‘m a beginning musician and I was wondering if I could use a hyacinth image I found on your page. What exactly would the price be for its use in a cover for a single? thank you for your time :)


sectionUiD's avatar

Hi . I want to use these wings to work on graphics ( 2d concept art ), and I also want to put out goods with a T-shirt , is it possible ? If it is impossible, I will not make goods.

Winged Perfection   Black By Thy Darkest Hour D4u9

I like to use this one here to create a 3d model + animations to sell as a game asset =>

pngbarn - 2020-09-16T013807.675

Hi, Katie. It's a very beautiful painting of wings.

I am a Japanese person and making clothes.

I am sorry if I cannot be understood because I am not good at English.

I would like to use it for designing clothes.

I have not listed it yet, but I would like to use it for commercial purposes.How much can I buy?

Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar

I apologize for my delayed reply due to the holidays here. All of my wing images are for sale for non-exclusive commercial use. Please let me know which wings you are interested in using and I can give you the pricing if you're still interested. 
OfficialWaffleGal's avatar

I'd like to use one of your wings for a sim game. I will be getting game currency for it, but no actual money. Does this count as commercial?

Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Good evening,

I apologize for the delayed reply, thank you for asking, per my rules I do not allow my wings to be used on any type of Sim game or rpg site. 

Thank you,
brotherson34's avatar

can I use these wings for a book cover

Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar

I apologize for the delayed reply, if the book is free then the wings are free for use. If it is 'for profit' then I would charge a commercial fee.
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Which set of wings are you interested in purchasing? It varies by set.
brotherson34's avatar

this one and the one in white

Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
This comment is on my Commercial Use Journal, could you please send me the links to the ones you're interested in or tell me their titles? Thank you.
Hi, can I use the image for a tattoo? and I would like to know if it is free or is it payment to make the transfer?
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Hello, sure, please feel free to use the image for a tattoo, no charge, enjoy!
Vaxalex's avatar
Sorry I meant to comment on a different post
HI - your work is amazing!  I'm not sure what this would come under, but I would to use your image to make necklace displays for my sister.  She has several angelic necklaces and she has been wanting a dramatic way to show them.  I intend to make them out of metal and transfer the image of the wing to the metal.  They wouldn't be sold, just for her use.  I can put your name/site/etc on the displays. Is that a use you would consider and what would you charge for that?
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Hello, I apologize for the delayed reply, so long as its just for personal use, please feel free.

Love your work! I am new here, could you please explain how the use for Commercial purposes works? I sell $1-$2 ebooks, and I would like to use this wing not for the book, but for a Twitter ad promoting the book. How much do you charge for that?  Dragon Wings 02 by Thy-Darkest-Hour

I am a children photographer and I do one free composite photos for my clients. I also do free composite images for my son's friends. Just wondering what should I do in this case? Ppl may put the work I do for them on social media. Thank you.
Thy-Darkest-Hour's avatar
Hello, so long as the uses are free you may use my stock, however, if anything is on social media, I would require that credit be given. I apologize for the delayed reply.
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