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Lei Lei?anyway so cute:heart:
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Sonic The Hedgehog is cosplaying Lei Lei, and therefor rendering my arguement invalid.
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I believe that this fits the term "Mind F**k".
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Sonic is sexy in his man-thing.
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OMG! Random!

Fusioning things that don't have anything in common, is insta fav for me.
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Are you sure that's not random enough? :) Anyway that's an interesting outfit Sonic has on!
artistafrustrado's avatar
looks funny & really cool
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Hehe, Awesome work!!
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i like how you made the shading! and the outfit looks cute specially the hat
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Sonic + Lei-Lei cosplay = WIN.

Now if only Sonic was a Kyongshi (spl??), or maybe if it's Tikal (Who's actually dead), then this would win even more.
falancatheechidna's avatar
Uh... Tikal is not dead.
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No more Darkstalkers for you! : P
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In-... sane... :lmao:
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Sonic has pretty awesome shoes X3 Hehe anyways, very nicely drawn and coloured! ^_^
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Sonic as Hsein Ko from Dark Stalkers/Night Warriors? LoL He makes a cute Jiyang Shi! :D
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:lol: This is a first. Sonic as that zomie girl (I can't remember her name ^^;)
Interesting concept :giggle:
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O-kayyyy O_O

one of the least expected X-over I've ever seen. All he needs is a cleavage window and I'll be mentally scarred for several days and I be fine......unless I FAVE THIS!!!
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