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Samurai Comic Strip

If you've seen Samurai Jack often enough, or even certain episodes, you should understand this.

Jack, it's inevitable! Your clothes will come off, and your hair will be mussed.

He managed to get bigger in every panel.
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(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

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lmao too true and in the next episode, he magically gets everything back. 
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Fanservice, Jack. You got female fans.
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Too ripped.

Oh thank god it's Not one of those weird transformation fetish art
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It's so true!!! XD LOL
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maybe because his comonna is 2,000 years old ,by the way this is spot-on for 2004 
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keep your clothes on, my boy
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The weirdest part is that this show was made by a man...
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By the way, always when Jack is super angry he is getting undressed (more he is taking off his shirt) I mean, seriously haven´t anyone noticed? Ep: 3, 16, 23, 28, 30 etc.
And when he start screaming, you know death is imminent, especially ep 3 and 8.
Ah I miss this show, but our hero will be back in 2016, I CAN´T WAIT!!!!!!!
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lol comic strip puns
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I'm almost afraid to see how much further they'll take it now that it's coming to Adult Swim

BTW what are your two cents on that?
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:rose:Well, he spends most of the fifth season in a loin cloth.:rose:
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Because fanservice, that's why! :XD:
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oh my gawd xD I love this >w< yeah, I recently began to rewatch some episodes and I noticed that...can't help but think "this is total fan service" <3
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That reminds me...Really got to start watching this again. ;)
For the plot!
Yeah...the plot...
*shameless fangirl*
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It is the unwritten law of the futuristic land. XD
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I just don't understand...Does he sew it back together or does he have an infinite supply of kimonos?
MsDungeonX's avatar
I've been wondering the same thing. D:
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this is just too true in every episode hes striped down
its to funny but yet he so sexy......wait WHAT!!

anyways great picture man
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Estrogen brigade bait.
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i just got the complete series of samurai jack on dvd and this happened EVERY episode... 52 episodes and 8 disk of samurai strips.
his dry cleaning bill must be a bitch. :giggle:
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i think i just got a lady boner!
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