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Big Earl and ToeJam

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You are amazing! Restore the aesthetics and art style of the 90s.

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ToeJam and Earl rocking through the world!
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Straight outta Planet Funkotron!
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excellent art
if you want to see a new tojam and earl game check out the kickstarter :)…
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Underrated SEGA characters. Cool stuff!
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Bringin' it back to the heyday of the Sega Genesis!
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Finally! someone whom i can relate to!
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haha GREAT JOB! i love this game.
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Two great characters of my chilhood. Thanks!!
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Oh my God! I REMEMBER those two!
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OMFG it's my childhood!
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Nice! I always liked these 2. :D I love it when you draw obscure Sega, or Nintendo characters.

Nice job replicating that classic "airbrushed" shading Sega art style. I also like the square thingie behind them, and the border around the image.
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*tears of nostalgia* :)

thank you for showing us what you have done!
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Hands down my favorite sega genesis game
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funkin funktastic
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