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Package Icons

Free to use them how you like!

2 Package icons i made!

One is for candybar's iContainer and the other one is generic!

I hope u like them!

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i used here :…
thank you :) i hope you like it 
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Can I purchase the rights to use this image on my website?
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Nice work, Thanks
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I would like to purchase the right to use the zip box on my website. How do I do that?
Thank you for your help.
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I like this pack, and i'll use it ;)

can you give me badges please, thank you so much ==> [link]
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If you like give a rate and share it please, Thank you ;)
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Did you know this icon is in the Mac App Store? see: "PackageTracking"
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No, I had no idea thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!
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No prob! Love your work.
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awesome icon , bro :)
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Thanks man!!! :)
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Damn this is really nice....Can I modify these??? please???
Damn, i have Photoshop Elements and i cant download it there :(
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These are really terrific.
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You should absolutely do all of the other popular compression packages with this (e.g. RAR, 7z, TAR.GZ, etc.).
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Its yours!! :D
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Nice Package, THNX ALOT!
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You're welcome friend :)
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nice wrk dude ;););)
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Thanks man! :D
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