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Made Of Wood

By Thvg
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Thvg ~ 2008

Also the look great with kano89's Wooden Finder [link]
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Thvg I've been using the matte folder icon as a template and creating personal variations on it (using Noun Project - I'm a subscriber to that service). With your permission, would it be ok to post sets of these icons to Deviant Art (with attribution)? I think others might get some use out of them.

Is it possible to make this compatible with the new OSx upgrade? I love these so much, and since i got the newest version of OSX these images no longer work. thanks so much!!
They are! Just use the latest version of liteicon! But this set does not have one for server apps, not that the average user will see it often
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Really? I have to get the new update then, see what's up..
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They are great. Thank you =)
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these are stunning!

rock on!

How did you put the wood on your dock? I can't figure it out.
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thanks. nice icon.
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Such a brilliant work.You did a great job..
How can I put this in all my folders in windows?
Excelente herramienta
Very nice work. Thank you
how can i apply into my macbook?
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I know this is old, but to anyone wanting to know in the future:

Instructions to set a folder's icon to this on OSX (this doesn't work on windows):
Open up the .png file in preview.
Press Cmd+A to select all of it, press CMD+C to copy
Right click on the folder and click "Get Info"
Click on the folder's icon on the top-left corner of the window so it has a blue border around it
Press Cmd+V to paste the new icon and replace the old one.

To reset the icon:
Short way:
Open up the Info screen on the folder and select the icon on the top-left corner to select it
Press delete to reset it to normal
Long Way:
Open up finder and go (Cmd+Shift+G) to /System/Library/CoreServices/CoreTypes.bundle/Contents/Resources
Open up the Info screen on the folder you want to reset.
Find "GenericFolderIcon.icns" and drag it onto the icon on the top-left corner of the info screen
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These are terrific—so elegant. Thank you.
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Very elegant-thank you!
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Great! Thank you! :D
Can I download and use them in my web application? where is the link to download them? I like them too much!!!!
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Really nice! Thanks.
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How do I get the wooden dock thingy on?
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