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2 Mac OS X Leopard Docks!

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как установить?
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no wallpaper yet? love the indicators as well :)
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The iContainer is EMPTY & the resources don't work in candy bar. (when i drag them over, they don't change)
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wow nice dock, can u share the trash icon plz :D?
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Great docks! May I port this to the iPhone 4?
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Is there any xwindowsdock, rocketdock or anything in between version that have this skin?
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This is really nice!!! Thanks. :D
This is a dumb question but how do we install the theme?
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Nice, I would kill to have a Mac (with that skin on my dock :))!
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This just get's better and better. I love the sharp detail and vivid indicators. This is the sexiest dock out there!
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i dunno but i noticed a lot of people are asking for the wallpaper. and i haven't read any reply for the link. can you atleast provide us that awesome wallpaper?
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I don't remember what is the wall thats why i can't give you the link :S
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Try putting the wallpaper through
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where can we get that wall?
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awesome dock!! any wallpaper recommendations?
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B E A U T I F U L!
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one word: Fabulous
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Thank you!! :)
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Best eclipse out there!
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Sweet dock m8 ;). Thank you ;).
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