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Black Glassy Set

By Thvg
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Icons, Png, iContainer

Folder icons - Complete Set
Volume icons - Internal, External, Removable and Time Machine
Black Glassy Dock!

Thvg 2008

I noticed the finder being SLOWER when i applied the icons and the reason it does that, is because when i import the 512x512 png to Candybar it doesn't copy and scale the image to other sizes so the finder have to do that every time it shows the icon.

I found out one other app, img2icns, that Convert images to icns!

Download it! its fine now!!


Addition: Leopard and Tiger Disk icon!![link]
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valeu mesmo :D

un grand merci good job!

Thanks for sharing

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looks really great
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How do you make it so these are default...?
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My favourite new icons!
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Can you somehow make Windows version???
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i don't think so :(
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This is an awesome set! Thanks for the great icons! ^_^
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You are Welcome :)
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Coolissimo man! Looking great.

Can you make an adition to the glassy set? Music volume! Please please!
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wow this is all awesome! i :heart: you for making my comp special ^^
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suweet! lovely set!
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Very nice icons!!
Really good!!!
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absolutely amazing using the leopard XY set right now, and im about to switch...

however, your set doesnt include a GenericSharepoint.icns icon...could you make one of those too?

its the one folder with the three people holding hands...
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Thank you!!!

These are the system folders, i never saw anything with 3 ppl holding hands! only the group icon that they don't hold hands
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