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Zelda BOTW Minish Cap style



Link... Wake up.
Hey there, I've been playing a lot of Zelda BOTW lately AND The Minish Cap.
As I love them both, I wanted to mix them up !
Hope you like it (I do have plans for other related stuff)

- - -

Credits go all the way to EternalLight, Bacon and Barubary for ripping Zelda MC's tiles so I could base my work on theirs ! And a big THANK YOU to all the artists at Nintendo and Capcom !
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This is pretty cool, any chance of a tileset for this to be used in fangames? Maybe even more stuff that would fit a dungeon made out of these tiles? ;D Im actually working on updating an ORPG zelda game thats in the style of minish cap and this would be an amazing tileset for a new dungeon based on BOTW.