Stopping plush-making indefinitely

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Plush-making has been an amazing hobby, but I think it's now time for me to move on. Thanks, everyone, for your support throughout my journey, and apologies to those who started following me expecting more.
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sad day, but understandable!! good luck in everything else going on =3
ManlyStitches's avatar
your plushies are amazing. i hope whatever you do now is just as amazing :)
ShibaSheltie789's avatar
Awww thats sad. Yore plushies were amazing! But I guess whatever yore doing I will always say..Goodluck!
tairiman's avatar
Good luck with whatever your doing then. The latest plush was excellent.
WhiteHeather's avatar
I'm sorry to hear this, but do what you need to! You've done really awesome work with your ponies. I always enjoyed seeing you post new pictures.
valleyviolet's avatar
I'm sad to hear that you don't feel it's for you anymore, but hopefully you'll move onto something that suits you even better. :hug:
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Either way, I still think I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you whatever it may be. :)
thurinus's avatar
Thanks, though what I plan to do moving forward may not be easy to exhibit through dA :)
adamlhumphreys's avatar
Ah, I hear ya. :) No biggie. ^^
eebharas's avatar
I believe you could be very great at other plush projects as well, but if you've decided against that, I'm sure you'll be great at whatever you choose to do next. Good luck!:)
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I'd very much like to get back into it at some point, but I've been so preoccupied with life issues and other things recently, I thought it only fair to assume that my already-terrible productivity won't improve anytime soon. Thanks for the vote of confidence, though, and thanks for having been there for me practically from the beginning :)
Dragnmastralex's avatar
well if your giving up, would you sell your patterns?
thurinus's avatar
As Eebharas mentioned, I started from valleyviolet's patterns and worked from there :)
Dragnmastralex's avatar
yes but editing a pattern so much that its different it becomes a new pattern in which you alone hold. that is why I was asking if your patterns was for sale if your stopping because yours are much better than valley's IMO.
eebharas's avatar
The body pattern belongs to :iconvalleyviolet: but she does sell it!:)
LordBoop's avatar
Aw man, and I just recently started watching you too! You're plushies are really top-quality. Hope you succeed in whatever it is you want to do!
thurinus's avatar
Thanks, and sorry I had to do this right then :(
PlanetPlush's avatar
I'll miss seeing your plushies but I understand that you're moving on. You're an amazing artist and I hope you succeed with whatever you choose to do next! If you'd ever like to chat sometime you know where to find me. <3
thurinus's avatar
Thanks! And yes, I have to catch one of your chat sessions, haha. Keep up the great work on those plushies!
NazFX's avatar
That's a shame :(. But if you feel it's best, I wish you lots of luck in your next projects :). Whatever they may be.
thurinus's avatar
Thanks! I hope to continue seeing plushies from you for a good long while more :)
NazFX's avatar
Definitely not stopping any time soon ^_^
Rap-Monstah's avatar
Well i suppose if you feel thats best, you had beautiful plushies and itll be a shame that they will no longer be available to admire. I hope that one day you come to find your motivation to sew again, im sure itll be fun again some day <:3 !
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I hope so too... it's still fun to do, I just have so many other things to take care of that it's only practical to put this aside for a while. Thanks for the support!
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