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Tracy Ponysona 2

By thurinus
Made an updated "ponysona" for :icontracyjb:, with proper canvas saddlebags! Her mane can be flipped to either side and is held in place with magnets. The saddlebags have magnetic clasps as well.

Made of Minky. Eyes, cutie marks, and saddlebag patches are machine-embroidered. 17" tall.
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© 2014 - 2021 thurinus
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( GASP)      NICE JOB!
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The magnetic mane idea is brilliant!
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Super adorable! :D
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Oh gosh, she's just so adorable!
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oh so cute! I love how tender this plushie looks
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Wow, this is quality work~ :clap: Bravo!
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It makes me wonder what goes in the saddlebags. Quarts of gin? The weight of the world? Naughty children? Pudding?
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There's one for each of us. Shotgun!
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Oh Oh I vote for pudding!Love 
BlackFreya's avatar
SO PRETTY!!! Amazing job ^^
funnybunnypon3's avatar
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She's adorable!  Well done!  :D
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17"?? wow.
and awesome as always....

btw - really too sad that you don't take commissions, I would almost die for having a thurinus plushie in my collection one day as you're still one of my most favorite plushie makers at all. even though I'm making plushies on my own, it's not the same... ;)
In the unlikely case that it would happen one day that you were interested in a trade, would you please let me know? that would be amazing...
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thanks :)

I had actually entertained the idea of doing trades some time last year... I even went as far as pinging some artisans of that possibility down the line. Unfortunately, I have lots of things I want to do with very little time to do them, so sewing these has become a privilege and luxury I've come to share only with my closest friends and family. In the unlikely case that I do open up to trades at some point, I'll definitely keep you in mind :)
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Super cute!
I love your pattern!
HappyKittyPlushies's avatar
Soo cute! I love it! <33
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That's precious
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I missed your plushies <3

Is nice to see you again :) hope life is good for you
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She's really beautiful!
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