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Fluttershy 2013

By thurinus
It's been more than half a year since the last pony, so I thought I'd try making one last plush before the year is over. I expanded the pattern to be as big as my embroidery machine would allow designs to be large, and tried some new sewing procedures that allowed me to machine-sew everything save for the tail onto the body, and the hole through which I turn the plush inside-out. I also used magnets to hold her mane in place, a clever technique I stole from *GreenTeaPlushies

The bottom picture compares my first full-coloured minky plush from September 2012 with the new one. Fluttershy was my first minky pony, so it's only fitting that she be the guinea pig for the new pattern :)

Fluttershy 2013 is 17" tall.

Edit: got a better mugshot
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its amazing but i think the hair should start next to the ear rather than from the middle of the skull it just my opinion 
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Wow, nice job! Her mane and tail are spot on with the show. :)
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I need this Fluttershy, is really awesome,
if only you could sell something :c
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Wow, these yes are the best looking plushies eyes I've seen yet!
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wow I love it! your plushies have a so lovely face 
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amazing! how'd you get her so neat and perfect looking?
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Thanks! Tidying the pile of the minky goes a long way in making plushies photogenic :)
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Thank you for the tip! :D
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Wonderful job on her! =)
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it looks really well made. I love how big it is. 
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Thanks! I'd love to eventually make much bigger ones, which would require me to either get a machine that can do larger embroidery designs, or start looking into applique. Baby steps :)
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Wow, she's absolutely stunning.
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What is the material for her yellow coat?
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NM I read Minky.   She is beautifully done.
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Hehe yup! Thanks!
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They are adorable! <3
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