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Rainbow Dash's Gen 1 predecessor - Firefly!

I recently decided to start making ponies for others, and began with one of the first requests I got from a colleague and friend almost half a year ago. Not sure how long I can keep this up, though...

Fun fact: This was the first time I remember ever having to tie a bow :P

Thanks to :iconspacevoyager: and :iconmlpt-fan: for Minky colour suggestions!
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Hello.  You're probably not expecting this, but I was wondering something.
About 2 years ago I purchased a Firefly plushie secondhand.  It looks extremely similar to this one (and still in stellar condition!) and I was wondering if it is yours?  I've been looking all over to find who made this plushie.

File 000 by CenterStage97  

Center Stage
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Definitely not mine, but I want to say the style looks quite familiar. Are you able to show a fully-framed picture?
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*Serenity lands near Firefly*
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If Disney owned Ponies, this is exactly what those plushies would look like at the Disney Store! :3
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Oof, this is so awesome ^^ Dash Academy totally made this character for me. I wish I could buy one of these :V They certainly won't make an official one. Anyway, this is fantastic :3 Did your friend get hype?
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May I ask what is the color of her body? Someone commission one from me and I think is the same of pinkie Pie.. but I like to ask first ^^
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Yup! I used Bubblegum Pink for her body as I do with Pinkie Pie, and Azure for her hair pieces.
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KazzysPlushEmporium's avatar
She is soooooo cute~! I have been wanting to make a Firefly lately!

A question, I've seen so many plush makers put the detail lines in the  mane and tails, how did you do yours? :3

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Thanks :) I believe most of us just use satin/zigzag stitches on our machines. Those with machines capable of larger embroidery areas may delegate it entirely to an embroidery file and machine.
KazzysPlushEmporium's avatar
I figured as much, thanks! :)
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Nice, Rainbow Dash's mom. :)
Emotionwolf's avatar
how much are your pony plushies???
foxtribe's avatar
oooh this is just made of perfection! great job! ;u;
Particularlyme's avatar
Haha that looks close to my current avatar.
dot-DOLL's avatar
She is adorable!
I like that, in the front view, her eyes are actually focussed rather than staring off blankly, yet you haven't distorted the side views.
Most splendiferous!
thurinus's avatar
Thanks :) Yeah I try my best to make the eyes look right from both the front and side, even if it means compromising the profile fidelity to the show.
sinister-puppet's avatar
She was always my favorite one when I was a child... I love this.
Chibi-pets's avatar
nice work!!! I love your plushies are so chibi cute!!!!
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Hhhhnngggg, want!
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She's no longer with me! :(
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