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Critic Wars

Critic dolls courtesy from :iconlittlenicky89: :love:

Alright so here we have the Nostalgia Crtic, Nostalgia Chick, Necro Critic, and Angry Video Game Nerd about to have a bigass fight with each other, and Bum asking for change :lmao:, I'm not gonna lie this took me DAYS to finish hell this is the most bigass comic I've ever done!! :faint:, I also had to fix Nostalgia Critic's beard so his mouth can be bigger ^^;, but overrall I am proud of how this comic turned out, the last two panels were murder to me cause I couldn't figure out what to do with them :cries:, and big lipped alligator moment showed up and I was finally finished :icontearplz:, and thanks again to *littlenicky89 for the making the critics for me :hug:, you kick ass!! :la:, enjoy! :D

Nostalgia Critic & Chester A. Bum © Doug Walker

Nostalgia Chick © Lindsay Ellis

Necro Critic © Gareth VanCamp

Angry Video Game Nerd © James Rolfe

"Big Lipped Alligator Moment" pixel art © :iconkiss-the-iconist:

Comic by *ThunderWolfang, you have no permission to use this for your own work :|
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© 2011 - 2021 ThunderWolfang
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I can imagine this happening.
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thanks to this, i met the necro critic, an awesome guy
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lol sooo good.
Tip though, use speech bubbles next time instead of just writing whose speaking. It'll make the text flow better.
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Yeah I've tried that before, took too much room ^^;

I did however made a comic with speech bubbles if you're interested in reading :)
cRaZy9219's avatar
I love everything about this :D
ThunderWolfang's avatar
God I still gotta watch that XDD
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Change! Ya got change?? 8D
ThunderWolfang's avatar
Come on help a guy out! :la:
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:la: *throws coins all over the place*
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Very cute and funny! :D
8bitmickey's avatar
needs more 8bit mickey
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:iconareyouseriousguyplz: Okay, what did i miss?
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I'll tell you, CHANGE!! :la:
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