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Anton Ego from 'Ratatouille'



Hello. I decided to watch the new movie Ratatouille (I love seeing fuzzy animals drawn cute, and the chubbier, the cuttier they are!). So, it was kinda hard to stayt away from this one.

Besides the bulbous sofened shaped heads of the chracters and the cutness of seeing chubby rats run around, one particular chracter caught my attention like a mosquito bite---the tall, lanky, pale, dignified, Anton Ego :inlove:....

Holey Shmokes this guy is so cool to look at! His chracter design is a summ of all the elements I enjoy seeing in men in drawings and in real life.

After seeing him, I couldn't wait until the next time he would show up again! I haven't liked an animation character this much since, probably the Joker.

So, it was kinda hard to draw this out, I couldn't find more than two pictures of Anton Ego, so I kinda had to make up this portrait :sweatdrop:.

So, I will not give any movie reviews or such, I just wanted to post a fan sketch of this older dude. I like him very much :blush:...thank you!
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ohhh he is my favorite character in Ratatouille! :D
he's a cross between Dracula and Gwynplaine (<- The Man Who Laughs) [link] [link]
little side note: the face of Gwynplaine inspired the Joker! <3
In fact there is a Batman comic book called The Man Who Laughs XD
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