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Ray Stevenson Watercolor 2018 by Thundertori Ray Stevenson Watercolor 2018 :iconthundertori:Thundertori 16 0 Baby Kitty Jasper and Kochi by Thundertori Baby Kitty Jasper and Kochi :iconthundertori:Thundertori 29 4 Chibi Dukat by Thundertori Chibi Dukat :iconthundertori:Thundertori 20 1 Joker X Batman Watercolor by Thundertori Joker X Batman Watercolor :iconthundertori:Thundertori 58 5 Megatron x Optimus by Thundertori Megatron x Optimus :iconthundertori:Thundertori 21 5 Town Drawing Summer Cloud by Thundertori Town Drawing Summer Cloud :iconthundertori:Thundertori 14 1 Megatron Birthday by Thundertori Megatron Birthday :iconthundertori:Thundertori 29 3 Town drawing project 2018 July by Thundertori Town drawing project 2018 July :iconthundertori:Thundertori 18 0 Optimus returns to base by Thundertori Optimus returns to base :iconthundertori:Thundertori 25 3 Bear Astronaut by Thundertori Bear Astronaut :iconthundertori:Thundertori 30 4 Graduation present by Thundertori Graduation present :iconthundertori:Thundertori 19 1 Dukat and Damar dance by Thundertori Dukat and Damar dance :iconthundertori:Thundertori 39 3 Sisko Dukat by Thundertori Sisko Dukat :iconthundertori:Thundertori 29 3 Q Picard 2018 Feb by Thundertori Q Picard 2018 Feb :iconthundertori:Thundertori 27 5 Muscles 2018 2 by Thundertori Muscles 2018 2 :iconthundertori:Thundertori 41 2 Muscles 2018 01 by Thundertori Muscles 2018 01 :iconthundertori:Thundertori 60 1


White Dog And Black Cats Doodle by girlinventor White Dog And Black Cats Doodle :icongirlinventor:girlinventor 1 2 Startled Cat Doodle by girlinventor Startled Cat Doodle :icongirlinventor:girlinventor 3 1 Joker and Creeper by RavenBlackheart-666 Joker and Creeper :iconravenblackheart-666:RavenBlackheart-666 26 1 Lenny Bust by m-t-copyright Lenny Bust :iconm-t-copyright:m-t-copyright 8 2 For Yayoi 2 by KalasRaven For Yayoi 2 :iconkalasraven:KalasRaven 8 5 For Yayoi Neko by KalasRaven For Yayoi Neko :iconkalasraven:KalasRaven 5 8 Rock on Lenniel 8D by Idigoddpairings Rock on Lenniel 8D :iconidigoddpairings:Idigoddpairings 16 15 Dr. Chester Style Meme by ForeverSonu Dr. Chester Style Meme :iconforeversonu:ForeverSonu 17 28 Feels Like Home by CerberusdeRozier Feels Like Home :iconcerberusderozier:CerberusdeRozier 4 13 Rock on Lenniel by Idigoddpairings Rock on Lenniel :iconidigoddpairings:Idigoddpairings 7 4 For Thundertori lenniel walken by Idigoddpairings For Thundertori lenniel walken :iconidigoddpairings:Idigoddpairings 17 10 For Thundertori by Idigoddpairings For Thundertori :iconidigoddpairings:Idigoddpairings 17 5 Sometimes... by Idigoddpairings Sometimes... :iconidigoddpairings:Idigoddpairings 6 7 another pic from Incubus by moleungsum another pic from Incubus :iconmoleungsum:moleungsum 3 15 Lenny and Judas from Incubus by moleungsum Lenny and Judas from Incubus :iconmoleungsum:moleungsum 3 7 Judas by RavenBlackheart-666 Judas :iconravenblackheart-666:RavenBlackheart-666 1 0
Actual INCUBUS fanart on DA, Yaay! *cries* TT_TT
I always say I am not narsassistic, but I wish sometimes there was more fanart of my stuff. Aw well, I so much appreciate very much the ones here, even if only a few! TT_TT


Ray Stevenson Watercolor 2018
Its Ray Stevenson in watercolors, yaay!
I've been working on this on and off for the last few weeks and finally got to finish it last night.
~8" x ~9"
Baby Kitty Jasper and Kochi
This happened a few months ago when Jasper was still small (he's nearly big as Kochi now). Jasper saw Kochi's pudge and tried to find milk on her. Kochi was embarrassed and infuriated.
It cracked me up, it was adorable. X3
Chibi Dukat

Its Dukat from Star Trek Deep Space 9 in chibi form, being a tiny tyrant over yer fruit bowl. He even helped himself to a few nibbles and fell asleep with a full tummy.

Watercolor painting I finished a few days ago but didn’t have chance to post until today.

Joker X Batman Watercolor
Finished this painting today, yaay! I wasn't really in the mood for Batman x Joker fanart, but did this anyway.
Watercolor and acrylic, about 7.5" x 9.25".
Megatron x Optimus
"O-Optimus--ah~~!" <3
I finally finished the painting, yaay! Took too damn long.
Megatron all a-flustered over Optimus Prime.
Make luv, not war! <3
Watercolors, acrylic, ink, tempera, and a teeny tiny bit of PS.
About 9"x 11".


United States
My newest manga The Modern Prometheus #1, Now Available (January 2012).

PREVIEW pages:

Prometheus ORDER FORM:



Book: $5.00 USD

USA Postage (one book): $3.50 USD
OVERSEAS Postage: $13.00 USD
CANADA Postage: $9.00 USD


The Modern Prometheus #1

Frankenstein 1818 text. Original Story by Mary Shelley.
Reinterpreted and Illustrated by Yayoi Neko

Standard Comicbook size 6.625 inches x 10.25 inches
44 pages. Black and White pages. Rated PG-13 (shounen-ai, gay ambiguity).

Comicbook reads RIGHT to LEFT


Writer/Artist of yaoi manga INCUBUS, prined by Kitty Media (aka Media Blasters).

Favourite style of art: Traditional
Just a quick update for those still following me. My personal website isn't up anymore, but I do have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.
I am active on FB and Twitter (follow me if you like) and mainly use Tumblr to post new arts like I do here on DA.

Name: Yayoi Neko

Buy my Comics:

And just a reminder that The Modern Prometheus #2 is on sale on my Blog. $5.00 USD (plus $3.50 postage).

Thank you again very much for keeping up with my art, even though I am not as proficient or productive as I wish to be.


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Angel-Fuentes Featured By Owner Edited Oct 1, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Innapropriatness.. OOOH YEEH :D
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TieriaPrime Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Awesome artwork
Demi-Beast Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really fascinating anatomy work here, definetly very helpful <3
SolarSandsOhWow Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
Huh. I can see why you disabled comments on Forget Harley, I want YOU
g-barbatus Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017
WAAAAAAA awesome my dude!!!!!!!!! ill definitely give u a follow on twitter ;v;
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