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My Bio
My newest manga The Modern Prometheus #1, Now Available (January 2012).

PREVIEW pages:

Prometheus ORDER FORM:



Book: $5.00 USD

USA Postage (one book): $3.50 USD
OVERSEAS Postage: $13.00 USD
CANADA Postage: $9.00 USD


The Modern Prometheus #1

Frankenstein 1818 text. Original Story by Mary Shelley.
Reinterpreted and Illustrated by Yayoi Neko

Standard Comicbook size 6.625 inches x 10.25 inches
44 pages. Black and White pages. Rated PG-13 (shounen-ai, gay ambiguity).

Comicbook reads RIGHT to LEFT


Writer/Artist of yaoi manga INCUBUS, prined by Kitty Media (aka Media Blasters).

Favourite style of art: Traditional

Favourite Games
Avoiding people
Other Interests
Drawing my yaoi manga "INCUBUS", and other comicbook projects
Just a quick update for those still following me. My personal website isn't up anymore, but I do have social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. I am active on FB and Twitter (follow me if you like) and mainly use Tumblr to post new arts like I do here on DA. Name: Yayoi Neko Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: Buy my Comics: And just a reminder that The Modern Prometheus #2 is on sale on my Blog. $5.00 USD (plus $3.50 postage). Thank you again very much for keeping up with my art, even though I am not as proficient or productive
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Chapter 2 of my little comic Count Enance is now available to read on my blog: Male x Male, Bara, Yaoi. Rated PG-13 to NC-17 (Mature). NSFW. Little to no dialogue. Please note, Count Enance is not a major work. Dialogue and screentone is minimal. Instead of using my usual tools of ink and dip pens, I use felt tip pens and draw the comic on scrap paper with a work area of less than 6" x 8". Chapter 1 (from 2011) is also there in case you have not read it yet. I do not think I will be printing out Count Enance into a mini comic, as I am broke and don't want to waste paper. I am currently working on Chapter 3, a
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Hello. Just a quick entry. I'm hoping this isn't a big deal, but I need to ask you guys that are familiar with my stuff. I have never been to New York Comic Con (NYCC). I have never been to New York City. Yet, someone just informed me tonight they bought my Sherlock Holmes doujinshi and it was even signed in front of them at NYCC 2010 or 2011 or so (they can't remember the exact year). This person that 'met' me has only attended NYCC, so no mistake of them having been to another con. The furthest East I've been was MegaCon (2012) in Florida and MTAC in Nashville (2012). I have not been to any conventions since Phoenix Comicon 2012. If
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You are the one that did Forget Harley, I want YOU! OH MY!

Yes, that be me. X3

OMG I was a teen when I saw that, speaking to you feels like talking to a celebrity I was so deep into the BTAS fandom back them, OMG! I feel like I love you lots :D

I was a fun of it like by 2008 LOLZ I feel like talking to a celebrity, have a nice day Sir.

we can say you even inspired me to start drawing, this is my clean account:

:wink: rvmp

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I finally came back to dA after so many years and I see you're still here and posting.
It makes me so happy to see! You've always been one of my favorite artists!