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Kilala97Contest#1 Will I ever be loved?

So i have a strange love for Lucky... but he is always so shy and reserved. He never really stands up for himself especially in matters of the heart.  That is what inspired this little scene between him and Amber... who i secretly ship as well... I am hoping to go back a color it. I had a lot of fun them! 

Amber Lily and Lucky Star belong to kilala97 and I hope you enjoy! 

Amber: *looks up* Lucky what is with the serious look on your face? Whats on your mind cuddle buddy? 

Lucky:......Just thinking....

Amber: Aboutttttt ~ 

Lucky:....Who am I to you? 

Amber: Psh! You should know that silly pony! Your are my friend and...

Lucky: Oh, just a friend. Always the friend...I need to leave. 

Amber: Wait, What?! Lucky?! Talk to me! What is going on? You can't just walk away, you are clearly upset! 



Lucky: Why should I tell you?! Nothing ever changes! I'll always be the sweet one, the innocent one, the kind one, and the friend.  I am not a nurturing care giver like you, or athletic like Hot Head! I am nothing special...

Amber:...Lucky what are you saying. You are so special and are always taking of ME... Is there some deeper meaning behind this? You've never just exploded before. 

Lucky:...not by Annie...but that was my own fault.  I never told her how I felt.  Because I knew then what I know now, I am no one special... Even the mare I like now...will I be able to show her who I am, even though I am really not that special.  Or will loose her like I lost Annie.  

Amber: Lucky, any pony no matter who they would be lucky to have you.  And you know why because you are special.  You have helped me stay centered, take care of Hot Head, and you even fixed Mr. Breezie. I say again, anypony would be lucky to have you...Lucky. heh.

Lucky: Even if what you say is true...what if i can never tell this mare how I feel...will i ever find somepony to love me and be able to fight for her? 

Amber: *hugs Lucky*
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your style of drawing them reminds me of mlp g3, idk why but it does..... =3