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The type F-X-TIE ugly shuttle

After Anakin and Padme escaped the clutches of Dr. Sibok, they found transport off of the mad scientist’s planet in an old type F shuttlecraft that had been lightly modified with 25th century Federation technology. In their travels, they came across the ruins remains of multiple starfighters. Using the ships tractor beam, he was able to tow the ruined hulks of X-Wings, Tie fighters, and Tie interceptors. Anakin, with his wife’s help adapted many of the systems and parts to the shuttle craft.

Attaching the ball cockpit to the back back of the shuttle, then put the X-Wing’s computer systems, hyperdrive and deflector shields into it. He then modified the S foils of the X-Wing to mount the Tie interceptor‘s pointed solar panels which he also modified. He also added the interceptor‘s 2 SFS L-s9.3 laser cannons, it’s 4 Blaster cannons and it’s Multipurpose Warhead Launchers.

The refit kept the engines of all three ships, allowing it to move much faster then it would normally be capable of. The landing gear of the X-Wing was permanently mounted to shuttle, however when the S foils were opened they would work in tandem to allow them to remain fully functional. While unhappy with him modifying a piece of Federation history, he was allowed to keep the ship after he and Padme joined Starfleet, now aligning with the Rebellion against Palpatine and the Cyber-Borg whom now threaten the the entire galaxy.

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like I said on Skype, "She may not be pretty, but she gets the job done"
A nice mix of the various craft :)
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Thanks, this is actually the second version I did. I was very unhappy with the first one. I definitely like this one much better! :D :huggle: