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Spring-a-ling: A new location! Part 7.
"So why ya not spitting fire and vinegar?" Bob asked Henry, guilt echoing in his voice. "If anyone has a right to be filled with hate and disgust it would be you."
"Bob, being angry at you isn't going to help anything." Henry told him frankly. "It won't change the past and it won't make the future better. Bob, maybe you're still here because this is a personal purgatory for you." Henry continued "A way to make amends for your crimes and earn forgiveness and redemption."
"Redemption for a heartless murderer?" Baby spat bitterly "He deserves anything the devil can throw at him." At that moment Plush Trap popped out of Spring Trap's abdomen holding....some sort of mummified organ and surprising everyone.
"Daddy Spring Trap isn't heartless!" Plush Trap announced " His heart is right here!" She said, holding it up "Oh wait I think that's his liver, let me check again." She said correcting herself.
"Plushy, when and how did you get in there?" Spring Trap asked curiously
"A minute or two ago,
:iconthunderstudent:Thunderstudent 4 0
Elizabeth Banks as 93' Rita by Thunderstudent Elizabeth Banks as 93' Rita :iconthunderstudent:Thunderstudent 6 14
Dragon Ball ST: Draft 3, Part 2.
After the announcement of how the losing Universes will be erased from existence and Bergamo turning the other gods against Goku, then talks with his friends and family all of whom are understandably angry Goku got them into so much trouble, Chichi and Piccolo especially chewing him out. This serves as a wake up call to Goku and removes the blinders he has on and shows him the errors of his reckless ways. He comes to the realization that he was wrong for suggesting the tournament and totally missed the point of it: To weed out the weakest universes. He then gains a new Goal; To win the tournament and if he can use the Super Dragon Balls to restore the destroyed Universes that lost as the tournament was his idea and he never meant for things to get so out of hand.
Goku starts trying to train everyone up to be strong enough to win and save their universe. He's actually taking the time and effort to make sure everyone is strong enough to fight in the Tournament of Power. He also gets Vege
:iconthunderstudent:Thunderstudent 4 4
Dragon Ball ST: Draft 3, Part 1.
So this is version 3 of my DBST outline. I'm revamping and revising this because I want to try to flesh out the ideas more like in my other write ups rather than just skimming through them. Before you read this I suggest you read "Pre DBST movie 1: Dragon Ball GT: Awakening." and "Dragon Ball GT: Broly, the Legend returns!" to get caught up on what the Z Fighters have been up to in this series after Goku left with Shenron. To briefly sum up, it's been two years after the defeat of Omega Shenron. Everyone is much stronger than they were before the 100 year time skip. But because this is about roughly 8-10 years after Beerus woke up in Super, Beerus because of his on and off training with Whis is also stronger than he was in Super. So let's start off with The Battle of the Gods movie/Saga.
After training with Shenron for two years Goku has become far stronger than he was in GT. At this point he may even rival the Dragon Ball Super version of Goku during his fight with Lord Beerus.
"All t
:iconthunderstudent:Thunderstudent 4 2
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harley and ivy go on cam by fakerjokerak3
Mature content
harley and ivy go on cam :iconfakerjokerak3:fakerjokerak3 1 0
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Librarian Showing Student The Lesbian Section :iconrastifan:Rastifan 76 31


The more I reread my 3rd draft of DBST the more spelling and grammar errors I find -_-;
Trying out a deyellowing process on a junker toy I have. Hope it works, although a snowy day isn't optimal test conditions. 
I'm not sure if the Nightmare Animatronics will fade away yet in my fan fic, I kind of want to see how Negaduck9 handles it. Right now I don't think I could handle them leaving without breaking out into tears.
DBST Draft 3 is finally done. Please go read it and leave a comment. I put a lot of work into it trying to expnd on things from the first two. Now I must rest. :faint:
In the only 5 days 2019 has been in, this is already a contender for funniest thing I have read this year!:…
Being sick sucks but I did manage to revamp the Revival of "F", Now "Revival of "E" Saga. I sort of glanced over the Universe 6 and 7 tournament because I don't know what else I could change or add. I'll see if I can add more later.
Almost done revising the Revival of "E" Saga, been expanding on Frieza's race and what life for them is like under King Cold and his family. It's most likely not what you'd expect.
Finished revamping DBST's Battle of the Gods Saga, now moving onto R.O"F" which will really be R.O."E". The E standing for evil. And I will be recycling some things from "What if Goku, Vegeta and Trunks ended up in GT? Part 2" That stuff is too good not to use. However I still plan on having the Z Fighters go into space after Cooler and King Cold. Maybe even Frieza's mom will show up. But for now, I am tired and must rest.
Merry christmas everybody Christmas La Christmas La Christmas Dance Christmas Sock Christmas avatar :merry christmas: Christmas Smiley Christmas Tree Christmas Carol Two Christmas Tree Christmas- Pikachu Santa christmas avatar Christmas Emote Christmas Owl Christmas- PlusleChristmas- Minun christmas wave :christmas: Temmie Christmas icon Pixel: Christmas Holly Dark Christmas Tree v.1 Christmas Classic Sonic Christmas- Emolga Christmas- Dedenne christmas la Santa :la: Who Wants a Foxy Hug??? (Chat Icon) Yallet the bichon frise - christmas merry exmas My avatar for December XP Eager xmassanta Santa La tomte glomp christmas Deerling (Autumn) +|F2U|+ Small Christmas Tree Nee-to Secret Santa Gift :Holly: Santa Clause jark Clause Santa Snoopy Bell Ring Plz Pikachu X-mas Christmas Power Christmas ver. DJ Ho Ho Icon Santa Brick Christmas smiley Mistletoe zwaai sint :slowsanta: Webkinz - Santa Fluffington St. Bernard Icon Hans - Icon Achmed  eyebrow Santa One Boy Avi Santa Noes SnOWLy Ho Ho Ho! Christmas Smiley 
I finally got my favorites folder all sorted out! I didn't want to do it but it had to be done. I think I've fainted.  
Well considering there hasn't been anything on James Cameron's Avatar or the Na'vi in ages I consolidated that folder with my Star Wars/Star Trek one into general Sci-Fi.
Weird and Unpopular Opinions 1: 

{Trigger warning: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!}

Trump is a better president that Hillary would have ever been and is better than
Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama but far from the best president ever. Not even in the running.

The new Mortal Kombat Timeline is crap and they should have kept it with Taven's MKA ending. MK9 could have been the start of the next generation, the passing of the torch with new heroes and villains as well as some returning favorites.  instead of the contrived ass pull of a retcon we got in MK9

The New Star Wars Canon is shit compared to the EU and should have been another Timeline like Star Trek did with their Prime and Kelvin timelines.

Spider-man/Black Cat is overrated!

Frieza is overrated!

Dragon Ball GT is better than Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball Super should have taken place during the 100 year time gap in GT, making GT officially canon!

Broly is overrated even though I like him!

The Forms in Dragon Ball Super are lazy as all fucking HFIL! I may have warmed up to them over time but I still think they suck compared to Super Saiyan 1-4. The only good ones are Trunks' Rage Form, Buu's Fit Form, and Toppo's God of Destruction form.

Screwattack is going to suck without their top[ 10's because they have no other shows not related to Death Battle!!!!

Superman/Wonder Woman is a terrible coupling!

Not every super hero needs to date another super hero for their spouses to be a strong character!

I don't like Kokichi Oma from Danganronpa V3! He's a lying sack of shit that went crazy and got Gonta killed by Monokuma!

Goku and Naruto aren't bad parents! They're not dad of the year material but there are worse fictional dads out there!

Sakura and Hinata aren't weak or bad characters!

Chichi isn't a bad character! She's a typical Japanese mom!

The new Power Rangers Reboot is nopt very good and is even more removed from Zyuranger than the original show or 1995 movie!

I wanna see Rita do a musical number with her henchmen while Goldar goes through the motions because he secretly hates them.

WB should just abort the DCEU and bring Wonder Woman and her movies into ther Arrowverse, and make Arrowverse their Cinematic Universe.

Disney is not a monopoly but needs to be broken up and divorced from Lucas Films and Marvel! The only good thing that came from them buying Fox is that now Marvel Studios has the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic 4 back!

Sorry if this offends anyone these are my weird and unpopular opinions!
Pet Peeve 3: People who comment an idea is stupid because of their interpretations of things. Specifically DB fans who say "You can't fuse fusions!!!!1111" These people are so annoying! It's fan art! If you don't like it or have something constructive to say then don't say anything at all! Also I've never seen anywhere that it's written you can't do that.
{Sigh} Another movie, another lazy Pseudo power up. Why does no one working on DBS put any effort into how a form looks without an aura anymore? What happened to the glory days of Super Saiyan 1-4? At least Broly's legendary form looks good but that's always been a hard form to mess up. #MakeSuperSaiyan4Canon
Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and followers! As for my international peeps....uuuuuum, Happy Thursday?
Rest In Peace, Stan "The Man" Lee. You and Steve Ditko created the childhoods of untold billions of kids. One of which was my own. You were the face that ran the place, and will be missed by all true believers. You did more in the last 10 years of your life then most people do their whole lives, let alone all the decades you devoted creating the Marvel Comics Universe with Steve. Say hello to him and the misses when you see them. Stan Lee 

Special shout out to :iconzoe-the-pink-ranger: without whom I'd still be stuck on Operation Gamma. Seriously that mission was hell!


and a master of few.
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