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Osenami Family by Thunderstruckcomic Osenami Family by Thunderstruckcomic
Here are some characters from my long-running fantasy samurai game. This is the Osenami family... a proud, fallen samurai clan that has to overcome the death of its patriarch. From left to right:

Jiro: Does he look like a ninja? Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing. Ninja are a myth that politicians tell to frighten their children to sleep at night. Just because he disappears in clouds of smoke and assassinates people doesn't mean there's any credence to this whole crazy "ninja" idea.

Azami: There in the middle with the two swords and the fierce look on his face. He's the one who's taken on the burden of redeeming the family name and defeating the master swordsman who humiliated his father into suicide. He's a savage little whirlwind of death who has gotten into more trouble than he ever could have dreamed possible.
In the game, he's played by my wife, Candi. If you'd like to read about one of his early pivotal encounters, check out the "Dragonfly Wind" section of my gallery.

Shiro: The guy with the umbrella. Eldest of the family, but took a wound to his right arm on the day their father died and hasn't been able to be a proper swordsman since. No problem -- now he's a creative bare-hand fighter, a trusted adviser to the Shogun, and an ancient Japanese version of a "consulting detective."

Yuki: She's down there with the cheerful expression and the twin-bladed pole arm (Nagimaki). Yuki's path is probably the strangest of all, as she has delved into the mysteries of the indigenous priestesses who still hold much power in the land. With one foot in the regular world and another in the spirit world, Yuki's destiny is bound to be an extraordinary one.
In the game, she's also a PC played by Candi when we're taking a break from Azami's adventures.
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