Synthetic Lifeline Part 2

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X9’s POV

My situation wasn’t different than before. The only difference now was that I was looking for something more specific, whatever ‘Cyberdyne’ is or was. I didn’t know how to even begin looking. I eventually settle for the idea of looking at old junk shops that help old worker bots or droids. Maybe I could at least find another one of these ‘Cyberdyne’ models that was still working or even non-working so I could just get a good look at it when it was in working order. Maybe it would lead me to the something to do with the T-Models, it’s the only lead I have.

I return to one of the Megacities that had a plethora of machine and junk shops in hopes that I could find anything or even just the most basic of information that could get me on the right track. I spent entire day looking through the many junk shops that I could hope would have a least part of this ‘Cyberdyne’ model but I was coming up short no matter where I went. I asked many shop owners if they’ve even heard of Cyberdyne and no one had any idea of what I was talking about. I began to wonder if I was on a hopeless journey…


X9 walked into one of the many machine/junk shops that were all around the city. He ventured to so many that he was beginning to forget which ones he’d been to and which ones he hadn’t. All his efforts were fruitless, not a single shop had a single part remotely like the ‘Cyberdyne’ model he confronted the previous day. Even went as far as to ask all the owners if they’d even heard of it any no one could help him.

The outside of the shop was somewhat unique as it was an indoor machine/junk shop as opposed to one was outside looking more like a junkyard. The interior was similar to a pawn shop in a way. Many bots and various machines were out on display and all of them were deactivated. In many ways was actually pretty well organized, everything was clearly seen, marked with price tags, some even had the type of machine it was on display. Compared to the many junkyards like shops he just came from it was very organized.

The robots on display were all standing in a row all by the type of machine they were. Specifically, if they were on wheels, tank tracks, hovering, or quad legged or bi-pedal humanoid bots. Starting on one end of a wall and then were sort in rows in their various types listed.

There were some aisles that were showing off various used parts in a similar fashion and all the weapons that were for sales were behind the counter on the wall. The building wasn’t too big but it had a good enough stock of items on sales and because of the set up it was going to make looking for this ‘Cyberdyne’ model easier if they had one. Which by the look of things, chances weren’t likely.

X9 tried to look inconspicuous as not to draw too much attention. A robot showing up at a machine or junk shop wasn’t unheard of or even taboo but usually it was strange to some especially for an older model like him. He was the only one in the building aside from the clerk. He mostly focused on the machines on display and almost as expected he wasn’t seeing it. He went to look at the head on every machine just on the off chance he would find another Cyberdyne machine but it was in vain.

He was about to look at the parts till he noticed another one of his ‘brothers’ was on display. It was such a bizarre sight in a way though he’s seen one of his ‘brothers’ like this before. X-Models were long discontinued so they were kind of rare but not to the point where it was unlikely to see one in places like this. But what made it so bizarre was the shape it was in, it was almost perfect. It didn’t have any clothes or anything but it looked in perfect condition; waxed and everything. He couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with it if there was anything wrong with it.

But this wasn’t his mission; it was clearly an X-Model, not a T-Model and certainly not a Cyberdyne model. X9 didn’t think this place was going to be anymore successful but just to be thorough he decided to look at the various aisles of various parts to see if he could find even a part of a ‘Cyberdyne’ something or other. He didn’t really know what to expect except for nothing at all.

All the aisles had numerous parts from limbs of various machines, various parts like battery packs, motors, even things like internal bullets reserve holders. Other more expensive and dangerous parts were behind the counter where the clerk was there. Despite not seeing anything related to the T-Models or Cyberdyne, he’d probably keep this place in mind if he ever needed to replace parts on himself.

While he was mostly focused on his current objective, getting new weapons would probably be wise considering how powerful the one Cyberdyne machine he was up against earlier, something gave him the feeling he would getting into more trouble.

It was at that moment he noticed that the clerk was watching him very closely. The clerk was a muscular man with brown short hair and in a dark grey shirt and black long pants. He was intimidating in his own way actually. He didn’t give any greeting when he came in the place and while he didn’t seem to be in any indication of hostility, the way he was watching him was unsettling. Perhaps he thought he was going to steal something? Maybe he should buy a new gun now to calm his suspicion?

X9 kept his usual flat expression and approached the counter, the clerk acknowledged him with a small nod.

“Are you looking for anything particular?” the clerk asked with a heavy accented voice.

X9 remained quiet for a second, thrown off by the accent and the question when had been here quite some time and did nothing to address him till now. “I was looking for a specific bot actually.” He hesitated for a moment but mostly was just tired of hearing the same answer over and over “I’m looking for a machine called ‘Cyberdyne’.”

The clerk remained quiet but his eyes squinted at X9 but said nothing. The machine was taken back by the clerk’s response to his question, ready to take one step back, even considering grabbing one of his pistols. “It’s okay, seems like no one has heard of it.” This didn’t change the clerk’s expression however. In fact, the comment seemed to only make the clerk’s stare seem more hostile.

It was that moment he heard a soft clicking noise. X9 turned around and saw that the entrance to the store was barricading itself, doors locking themselves and two metal bars on the top and bottom of the doors slid into locking him in. The machine immediately turned back ready to banish his firearm at the clerk but as he faced him the clerk had gripped his neck with one arm. Before he could react, the clerk had pulled him over the counter and pushed him into the wall behind him.

The X-Model groaned as he finally pulled one of his handguns aimed it attacking clerk putting it against his chin. Before he could fire, he machine pulled him away from the wall and threw him back over the counter making X9 fall onto his back. He raised his pistol and fired at him, but like he had seen before, the bullets ricocheted or buried into the clerk’s skin but showed no signs of damage or harm.

X9 immediately knew he couldn’t win this fight like this and he was at much larger disadvantage this time. Before he had the whole factory and the abandoned city, here he was stuck in a small store and he didn’t have his energy rifle this time.

He got to his feet as fast as he could as the clerk; clearly another one of these ‘Cyberdyne’ Models came after him but didn’t rush as it just walked over to him. As he eyed his aggressor, he took notice at all the weapons that were on the wall; surely these would be more effective against this thing. Though this only partially helped him, he doubted any of them had any ammunition and he doubted that this place would keep a supply of any around…not that they needed any.

The Cyberdyne model threw a punch toward X9 but was able to avoid it and dashed to the side, but was once again quickly apprehended by the neck and was quickly thrown to the other side of the store, pushed into the pile of bots that were originally on display knocking most of them over, some falling on top of him. The weight of the various decommissioned bots was far too heavy for him. The Cyberdyne model approached him with glare ready be continue the onslaught standing less than a foot away.

X9’s POV

I actually thought that I was facing death. A machine far more superior than I was easily having me outclassed. I had no idea what I was truly up against yet, but I knew that I was essentially looking at my termination. The weight was far too much for me get out, I had no back up and the pistols I had zero effect. It was clear I failed my mission…

“Stop!” a female voice called out stopping the Cyberdyne model.

The gal was a human, likely late 20s with shoulder length brunette hair in a ponytail. She wore dark green tank top, long black combat pants, black fingerless gloves and military field belt. She also had a sidearm, looked like a high-caliber handgun. Perhaps the most notable feature was five long scratches on her left upper arm which stood out.

It was then I noticed the Cyberdyne Model was actually listened to her took a step back away from him.

“What’s going on?” She asked the Cyberdyne Model as she went closer to me.

“Aku Model-X Series 9 attempting to acquire information on Cyberdyne Systems.” The Cyberdyne model explained.

She looked at him confused and then turned to me “An X-Model? I thought Aku retired those old things for those Beetle Drones?” She put a hand to her chin “Even the few still walking about are just re-commissioned for private use.”

“I don’t work for Aku.” I said, cutting her train of thought “I used to be part of Aku’s army but I’ve retired from that line of work.”

She seemed surprised by statement but kept a stern expression. At first I didn’t know why…


“I didn’t know X-Models could form such fluid speech.” She said kneeling down to X9’s optic level. She kept a fairly neutral expression “I’m going to give you one chance to explain yourself.” At that moment drew sidearm at the X-Model’s head, and he knew that she wasn’t going to hesitate to shoot.

X9 stared at her for a short moment, still completely immobile. He took a quick glance at the disguised machine before turning back to her “I’m searching for the origin to another model that is a branch of my model. T-Model. They’re like the X-Models but they have leathery false skin for infiltration. I believed they were all destroyed till I saw them attack a secret city.” She didn’t lower her weapon though she did gaze at the Cyberdyne model which seemed to be in thought and turned back to him.

“I fought them off with Samurai Jack and a Scotsman but defeating didn’t show me where they came from. I went to the factory I was built at years ago; I didn’t find anything except another machine. It nearly destroyed me like this thing almost did.” The Cyberdyne model had no reaction “I never saw it before all I could find was an engraving on the skull of the machine…it said ‘Cyberdyne.’ It had skin all over it like T-Models did though it was much more detail than they did. I thought if I found out what ‘Cyberdyne’ was I would find the source of the T-Models.”

She took a stood back up lowering her sidearm and once again turned back to the disguised machine “A Terminator? Out and about like that after all this time?”

‘Terminator?’ X9 thought looking at the two’s reaction.

“Skynet created numerous independently functioning T-800s and few T-1000s not under control of the central core.” The disguised machine explained “Though it is unlikely to attack unprovoked.”

“Hmm…” she turned back to X9 as she holstered her weapon “Where were you built? And how do you have such a complex speech pattern. X-Models don’t have the processing power to do that.”

X9 couldn’t help but get annoyed by the statement but she wasn’t wrong. X-Models and in many ways the T-Models were not programmed or built with the proper hardware to think or speak coherently as he or this Cyberdyne Model was. The whole point of the X-Series was to act as an attack army, the whole point was just to get them do was they are told. X9’s Processing CPU and memory/emotions chip was what made him stand out and even rebel against Aku, which the X-Series weren’t designed to do and couldn’t do. T-Models did have more sophisticated hardware but were still not as cognizant of everything like he was or the opposing disguised machine.

“I was built in a factory in the outskirts of this city. The town is long abandoned; it was mostly just an industrial town building things for Aku. My creator…he designed me different from my brothers, I was given an enhanced memory chip, which gave me the processing power of feel and understand emotions. I guess he just wanted to see if that made me anymore effective to my brothers.”

There was a pause as the two looked at one another. Two of which remained silent till the machine nodded and the woman nodded as well “Frank, get this guy up and shut the shop for the day, I think we can reason with this Aku bot.”

‘Frank’ moved the piled machines off of X9 as he pulled himself up. Frank didn’t even look at the opposing machine as he went to the outside door and started procedures to close the store properly. The X-Model took notice that the woman had motioned him to the back room with the hand wave. “Come on Aku bot, we need to talk and get some things straight.”

X9 stepped away from the pile of bots that once had him trapped. He was stuck in thought however, what the heck was going on. He goes on for almost a whole day trying to find anything about ‘Cyberdyne’ and no one seems to have any kind of clue on who or what it is and now he’s seems to be in the middle of something that have these guys on edge. Another one of these ‘Cyberdyne’ models out in full disguise nearly takes him out and a woman helps him. But now he had more questions and he didn’t even know if this had anything to do with the T-Models. Unless it all connected to something bigger than he expected it was going to get.

What were Terminators? Was that what these ‘Cyberdyne’ models actually called? What was Skynet? He never heard of Skynet before either, much like when he learned about ‘Cyberdyne’. T-800s and T-1000s? There were more questions than ever now.

“You were given clear instruction.” Frank said to X9 as he walked over to the pile of deactivated bots and started putting them back on display.

The former Aku machine merely acknowledged him and then followed the woman to the back room like she instructed. When he got inside he saw that it was pretty much a standard back room, racks of inventory, boxes of various items, shutter doors for deliveries, even a couple other doors probably for offices and things of that nature. The place actually pretty well organized. Chances are Frank was the one that kept the place in order, considering how well put together the front of the store once was.

“Who are you?” X9 finally asked as he followed her.

She motioned him to one wall where there was a large wooden crate and two smaller crates, obviously set up for a surface and a place to sit. She seated herself on one end and gave hint for him to take a seat across from her. He followed her instruction.

The two faced one another for a moment till the woman leaned on the crate leaning a bit closer. “Despite being a machine, you’re pretty easy to read.” X9 didn’t respond. “I actually don’t think your part of Aku anymore which is why you’re here.”

“Who are you?” the machine asked again. “Are you another one of those ‘Cyberdyne’ models?”

She smirked as she closed her arms, pushing away from the crate “Name’s Jane Conner. And no I’m not a Terminator.” She let out a dry chuckle “Or as you call them; ‘Cyberdyne’ Models.”

“They’re called Terminators?” X9 prodded for confirmation.

She gave another dry chuckle “You really don’t know anything?” She shrugged “But yes they are called Terminators.”

X9 gave small nod. He couldn’t help but think about the odd coincidence that they are called ‘Terminators’ and the series he was looking for were called ‘T-Models’. Even though these Terminators were clearly not T-Models the similarities were too hard to miss. There had to connection. But what was it? He couldn’t find anyone that even heard of ‘Cyberdyne’ and yet somehow there was a knock-off version? Usually he wouldn’t get himself roped into something bigger than whatever was necessary but it looked like didn’t much of an option.

“So what should I call you?” Jane suddenly cut into his thoughts.

“‘X9’ will suffice.”

“Fair enough.” Leaned in “So it looks like we’re going to be playing 20 Questions one way or another. So let’s go over your story with the T-Models one more time.”

X9 complied, he told them the story of how he was one of Aku’s armies till he was ultimately replaced with the beetle drones and he retired. He went to the back story of the T-Models and how he re-encountered theme and fought them along side Samurai Jack and the Scotsman. He explained how he felt he needed to look into their origins since they were supposedly all destroyed. And finally went into detail how he faced up against the one Terminator at his original production plant and saw that his only lead was whatever ‘Cyberdyne’ and that lead him to her.

“Interesting.” She leaned in “Looks like Aku still hasn’t looked in the right places yet…that’s good news.”

“The Terminator?” the machine inquired.

“There is a lot about history that you truly don’t know about or just about everyone out there. Aku is trying to change history in more ways than one…”

“What do you mean? I thought Aku already did that to Jack?”

She rolled her eyes annoyed at the bot’s (and many others prior to him) naivety about history. “I mean the actually story about what happened before Aku took over. You know, what really happened? Other than all the propaganda out there?”

“What? How he ruled over the world and Jack went stop him only to be flung into the future. Then when he was gone Aku established the new world- ”

“It was never that simple.” She interrupted “The only true part of that story is that Jack fought him and Aku tricked him and forced him into the future, that’s it!”

Now X9 was intrigued. Was he really a fooled for decades and decades of propaganda all this time like the general public? Usually he was the one with ‘the truth’ especially when it came to the military/armies of Aku. He could debunk or prove anything about certain rebels and resistance fighters but was there really a part of the story he missed all this time?

She smirked again at the machines clear interest. It was then a door was heard opening and closing. They both turned to the origin to see Frank coming toward them. It merely acknowledged the two before grabbing another crate and sitting with the two of them.

“So you want to hear what really happened all that time?” X9 nodded. The Terminator seemed to be able to figure out what was happening so remained silent.

“Jack did fight Aku and he did send Jack into the future but there is a part of the story that has been almost completely lost to time partially thanks to Aku. The fight Aku and Jack had nearly killed Aku, the fight drained him as he was still recovering from his awakening from over a decade prior and the fight left him severely hurt. There was no way he could rule, even with the sword out of the way. Aku needed to fully heal and for many years. As such he descended into the depths and went into a long hibernation. His demons and minions disappeared as he did. For many years, everyone thought that Jack died when he defeated Aku.”

X9’s optics rose. That’s what happened? For generations…everyone thought Aku was dead?

“After Aku was gone, life continued like normal. Humanity picked itself back up and society continued, Aku and Jack being nothing more than an anecdote, later it became just a tale, and then mostly just forgotten to time. Society continued, new nations rose and fell, technology evolved, wars for all kinds of reasons. After many years, many people didn’t even know that Aku even existed.”

“A time without Aku?” He said in disbelief.

“Yeah, I’d say about 800 or so years. No Aku, no demons, just humanity and society progressing. How I’d love to be around during that time period. But that’s when humanity and the whole planet went up against just as deadly as Aku…”

Jane stopped as she turned to Frank. The Terminator seemed to see that she wanted him to continue the story. “In 1984, technology company ‘Cyberdyne Systems’ was created and years into operation they created an automated defense program for the United States Government called ‘Skynet’. Not long after it went online, Skynet learned like it was supposed to, becoming self-aware, and in turn saw humanity as its enemy. Skynet knew that just as humanity activated it, it could deactivate therefore, saw humanity as a threat. It’s only logical conclusion was to eliminate all of humanity. Since Skynet was able to hack into all computers all around the world, it was able to discover weaknesses and ultimately kill the entire Justice League, other heroes, and the Cybertronians before they could possibly stop it.”

X9 was still taking all of this in, a super computer attempted to make all of humanity extinct? All this time he thought humanity was just dwindled significantly thanks to Aku’s rule.

“Skynet tried to kill off all life?”

“And nearly succeeded.” Jane added in.

Frank continued “Skynet was able to obtain control over the United States Government’s nuclear weapons program and in turn fired nuclear missiles all over the planet which caused a chain reaction of retaliation. Other nations fired nuclear weapons all over and in turn over three billion human lives were annihilated. From there, Skynet manufactured new weapons and developed powerful machines to fully eradicate all human life. It was able to obtain everything needed to stop the more powerful beings of the Justice League and others.” Frank turned to X9 to notice his eyes were now glowing bright red.

The ex-Aku machine understood his point. He was one of the machines developed by Skynet. ‘Cyberdyne’ was the company that built Skynet so ‘Cyberdyne’ on the machines themselves made sense.

Jane decided to cut back in “Skynet continued it onslaught as the rest of humanity went into hiding. That is until my great, great, great, grandfather came to action.” X9 turned his attention back to Jane with interest “John Conner showed humanity that they could still survive and showed that if they worked together, they could defeat Skynet. In turn he created ‘Tech-com’ or rather ‘The Human Resistance’ against the rise of the machines.” She smirked “For the first time Skynet saw that humanity was capable fighting back and thus the ‘War against the Machines’ began.”

Frank continued off “Skynet realized this and in turn created knew types of machines. T-600s and T-700s were the main onslaught army. Later Skynet created more powerful infiltrator units ‘T-800s’.”

X9 made a humorless smirk “I’m guessing that is what you are.”

“Cyberdyne Systems Model 101. Series T-800.”

That’s when something kicked in “Wait, how do you trust him?” he turned to Jane “I thought your relative was part of the resistance and yet Frank here just admitted to being an infiltrator unit.”

“We’re getting there.” Jane assured annoyed “Anyway, Skynet had victories like the resistance had victories. But the war was no where near over till the human resistance learned about the location of Skynet’s central core. John knew that if the core was destroyed Skynet and its army would mostly be over and done with. But he also knew that Skynet had a back-up plan.”

Once again Frank continued “Skynet created a time displacement device. With it, it hoped it would be able to kill Sarah Connor or even John Conner before he could start the resistance. However there was something that prevented that plan that was never calculated.”

There the two of them stopped talking. X9 was able to tell that he was supposed to put two and two together and with only a few seconds he knew what that this miscalculation was “Aku.”

Jane smirked again “Yep…” she let out a sigh “Aku finally awoke, this time fully recovered and stronger than ever. Neither the Human Resistance nor Skynet knew what they were seeing.”

Frank continued “Aku displayed authoritative rule but Skynet saw Aku as a much larger threat. But like many resistance fighters who stood against Aku in the past and present, Aku was able to destroy Skynet.”

X9 stayed completely silent as he stared at the two of them. Basically, these two completely rewrote history. There were two versions of how life came to be with Aku. The first was that Aku awoke from a dormant state years ago took over the planet. Jack’s involvement was more so a legend and Aku surrounded Jack with propaganda making him look more so an enemy that opposed a great ruler. The second story was that Aku was actually the creator of the planet and everything that lived on it as Jack was attempting to destroy it.

Now he had a completely different story that almost negated both versions. Aku didn’t rule for so many years only for humanity to create something that nearly caused their own destruction. At first it wasn’t making any sense and was thinking they were leaving things out but the more he was thinking about it, some things did add up.

Many people did praise Aku and even believed in the propaganda he produced…and perhaps it wasn’t unfounded. Humanity was at the brink of possible extinction and probably thought it was the end…till Aku showed up and destroyed Skynet. So many years had passed by then that almost everyone had forgot that Aku was even a thing, that part of history being lost to time. Perhaps the only people that truly knew what happened were the descendants of the human resistance and perhaps the extremely limited survivors that remembered Aku from history books or generations of oral tradition.

The idea that Aku being seen as a savior to humanity perhaps did have some merit after all. If humanity and the planet did recover from a nuclear holocaust, Aku may have restored parts of the planet and with that backing, propaganda was more effective and thus had control and even support.

The machine looked at the woman and the infiltrator for a solid moment before nodding once. “Some of this does make a little bit of sense.” He paused raising his fedora “But how was Skynet and the War against the Machines lost to time? Skynet had an army of Terminators and yet I couldn’t find a single person that had any idea who or what ‘Cyberdyne’ was?”

Jane chuckled “Surprised we didn’t have to convince you further, and to answer your question, a combination of censorship and self preservation.”

Frank continued once again “Aku almost completely eradicated everything Skynet created. The remaining independent functioning terminators went into hiding and destroyed all none functioning and inactive machines. It seemed most logically that Aku not have any access to Skynet’s technology.”

Jane butted in “And apparently my distant relative thought the same way. The human resistance destroyed all the Skynet technology they obtained and even some of the weapons they created to combat Skynet. The way I understand it, the resistance saw that Aku was a larger threat than Skynet, they didn’t trust Aku. And at some point, another survivor knew Aku and informed them the danger Aku would bring.” She shrugged “So with most of everything about Skynet or Cyberdyne Systems being destroyed only the remaining Terminators and the decedents of the Resistance truly know. Aku just went out his way to look like he created the planet and was a savior and with nothing to back up the existence of Skynet…what could prove him wrong?”

“Why cover it up? Negate the propaganda.”

Jane gave a dry chuckle “And have Aku or his goons take us all out? Besides, as you already know, Skynet, even after all these years, is still more advanced than any of the robots today. Do you really think we want to give Aku that kind of knowledge that technology like that already exists or existed?”

X9 nodded again then turned to the T-800 “So what’s your story? Why join up with your enemies?”

The fellow machine looked back at him “It didn’t take long for us to realize that John Conner and the Human Resistance feared Aku and saw him a threat as we did and drew the same conclusion. Despite what many humans that were not part of the resistance saw, Aku was a threat to humanity as he was to Skynet. Humanity was not our enemy, it was Aku."

“Enemy of my enemy” Jane said aloud “Besides, many machines and humans coexist together in harmony for the most part now anyway. Any doubt about turning on one of us left after generations of us working for a common goal. Aku is a threat to all, man or machine.”

“However” Frank continued “Not all of us had the same vision. Despite the clear threat that Aku posed and Aku being a threat to humanity as it was to Skynet, many of the remaining Terminators went a separate path.”

“So what’s that make you guys, rogue Terminators?” X9 asked facing him once again.

“When Skynet’s central core was destroyed, only independent functioning Terminators remained functioning. Most of us were infiltrator units and have the cognitive CPU that can learn similarly to humans. As such, many of us learned and had different experiences as such many of us followed a different way. While many of us decided to work with the humans to defeat Aku, others wanted to rebuild Skynet; believing it was the solution to destroy Aku.”

“We don’t really run into them much really. Starting anything with the other Terminators wouldn’t be advantageous anyway for either of us. The only smart thing for us to do would be leave each other alone…it’s not like they can start another ‘Judgment Day’.” Jane butted in. “Still, we’re keeping taps on them from a distance, we don’t want a second war against the machines…especially in this day and age and deal with Aku all the same."

X9 stayed silent for a moment. This was a lot to take in at once. History was being rewritten right in front of him. So many things made sense now or at least what were at once grey or a bit of a stretch seemed more plausible. However, this also raised one very big question.

“Then why did that Terminator attack me? If both you and the other remaining Terminators are trying to remain under Aku’s radar then why did that one attack me?”

“That I don’t know.” Jane answered “Chances are it was the other Terminators that are trying to rebuild Skynet. But the fact that its’ exoskeleton was exposed confused me. It’s too dangerous to be out like that and just wait like that.”

Frank left the two of them looking over a small handheld device. “Alibi confirmed. Destroyed T-800 located at abandon factory in former manufacturing plant for X-Models. Confiscating destroyed Terminator for protection by Joe and Christian Rise.”

Jane got up as well and motioned X9 to follow her “Good to see we got to it first.” She started to walk to the center of the room with Frank following. The stood in a circle in-between the racks that held all the items. Jane then took out a small PDA like device and pleased a button. The PDA illuminated and it was then the three of them started to descend into the floor.

X9 didn’t jump but was a little surprised. As they descended from the ground level they could see an underground area. The place was roughly 1.5x the size as the above ground floor but was active. Numerous vehicles, weapons and people, mostly humans/human looking individuals working on various things. The place was adequately lighted but wasn’t fully illuminated.

Large crates similar to what was upstairs were all over the place but organized efficiently with the various people working some different projects with a work table or on a vehicle. A number of computer panels were also being worked on whatever they were doing. Looking at the monitors, he could tell that they were at least researching Samurai Jack. On the various tables he saw parts that looked a lot like they came from a Terminator he fought earlier.

As soon as they hit the floor and the three of them out off the lift a man wearing a military looking uniform ran toward them “Jane! Did you bring-”

“He’s fine” she interrupted “This one is different, he may have tipped us on something big.”

Now X9 was confused as the man questioning was “What?”

“These T-Models... sound awfully familiar to T-600s…”

...yeah this was never abandoned...just really had to think this one through...I'll let you decide if I succeeded in this...

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