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The first 7 weeks of school are finally over. Only 25 weeks to go.
I can't say those 7 weeks were good but they weren't bad either. I could've studied more and gotten better grades but I'm leaving the intense studying  to the last quarter of this schoolyear.
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Today, May 31, 2011, is my last day at school. I actually wasn't at school today but that doesn't matter. I still have 3 exams to do which include Estonian, Math and English.
On Monday, June 6, is the Estonian exam and in June 15 and 16 are the English writing and oral exams. I still don't know the date when the Math exam will be.
Anyway, I now have time to watch the Lord of The Rings movies in HD at last! So detailed, so good. I freakin' love Tolkien's work.
To anyone who reads this, write your favourite parts from the LOTR movie trilogy. Possibly one from each part.
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Recently I got myself Poser Pro 2010 and uninstalled Poser 7. I had all my Runtime stuff in the Poser 7 folder. I thought the uninstaller would only delete the files that were actually installed within the Poser 7 installation process. It didn't do only that. It deleted  e v e r y t h i n g  within my Runtime folder (about 14gb)... Right now I've managed to restore most (if not all) of the "Poses" (about 8gb) folder where the MATs and stuff are. Nevertheless I have to restore all of my figures in order to even use the MATs.
If anyone knows a good way to restore lost/deleted files fast and/or easy I would be very thankful. I have the chance to restore the figures as well but it'll take quite some time which I'm more than willing to spend. There's like about 50 or 60 different folders I'll be going through and they're not even the runtime folders. They're named [005xxxxx] ...
Feels bad man...

Scratch everything I wrote before. I'm not able to restore the deleted files within the folders [005xxxxx]. There's simply too many of them to copy-paste from. Maybe there's another way...
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A few days ago I found Poser 7 that I had bought some time ago. I thought I'd give it a try and rendered "BloodRayne". I noticed how well it turned out so I'm getting rid of Daz 3.1 and making room for Poser 7. As I'm writing this the Runtime folder from Daz has already been copied to Poser and is being deleted.
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  • Watching: Family Guy (season 8) and Simpsons (season 22)
  • Playing: Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete
  • Eating: French fires
  • Drinking: Soda
It's been a very good year. There's nothing I wouldn't change in the last year. So much has happened that I would like to experience again and again until I get bored of it. Anyway I'd like to say "I love you, guys!". Guys as in people who view my profile and keep themselves updated with my work. Anyway, Happy New Year and have a good 2011. Just hope that 2012 ain't the end.


ˇHappy New Year from Estonia! ~hugs~ Love you guys!
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Monday is the day when I'm going to do my very first exam. If anyone even reads this then I'll let you know I'm in the 8th grade so it's no serious exam. I chose mathematics. Even though it's almost summer I still have to wake up early. On Monday I will be waking up at 8AM. At 9AM is the exam. I hope it's easy or close to easy. Gonna keep it short. Wish me luck :)
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