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I'm just a friendly ghost watcher, you'll usually find me on closed species forms or getting commissions.I love to battle on pokemon sun/moon so hit me up if you ever wanna battle. c:

Icon by : Guqqi

YOU MAY NOT USE MY CHARACTERS AS ICONS/ROLEPLAYS/DND,ETC .PERIOD. The only people allowed to use my characters or their art are artists I've commissioned.

Favourite Visual Artist
Everyone I watch ~ <3
Favourite Books
Most books in fantasy or Syfi ,not much of a realistic reader.
Favourite Games
Portal,Pokemon,Rune factory,Harvest moon, Phantom brave,Disgaea,Oakmi,Tales of Symphonia
Tools of the Trade
Being kind to most,always bring up food because everyone likes food.
Other Interests
Baking,reading,video games,getting art of my characters,etc
Hello yah'll, with a heavy heart I'm looking to rehome Adeline. My connection with her isn't as strong as before and after many stories between I haven't been able to spark that joy I used to have with her. I want to make sure she goes to a home that will love and cherish her more then I could. So this is a contest! Tell me your concept, drawn or written out. Asking for 25 USD she is worth Clean slate save questing and has retired crystal horns from her adopt. Comes with 13 pieces of art as well. I will leave this running till February 10th! You're free to keep her name as some of her art has her current name. (Gender change is also al
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Featuring Finder! Sharla took the key. Words &nbsp;- 1,537 Fire cackled around them as Sharla's fire consumed the wooden torches.Her emerald eyed scanned the cave as they hesitantly made their way through."The passage must lead to a bridge at this point.Oh I hope it isn't a dead end." Finder groaned growing frustrated that they haven't found anything note worthy nor any sign of the orb the queen was desperately after.Finder's complaining was comparable to a nerd complaining about his 98% on a test,at least in her eyes.Sharla huffed before stating,"The fact the temple is actually here should be a feat in itself. Beggars can't be choosers you know
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Featuring Finder! Sharla took the key Words - 1,159 The dark heavy air around the temple lead to a sense of mystery,but an unavoidable sense of danger.Most would think a small gosling would be tempted to cling to their mothers side in such a dangerous place,Yoyo was not that kind of chick.Any sense of danger was left abandoned by him.The moment he was set down on solid ground the feathered fiend waddled about before Finder or Sharla pulled him to the safety of the fire.They decided to set up camp,assuming night had fallen as the bats began to chirp away above them.The fire,made of old wood they found littered around,kept the trio warm in t
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Hello there! :wave: Just wishing you a wonderful week! :pumpkin:
PS: I found you via the 'random deviant' button!
Hey! I just noticed your RP meme. I'm a part of a pretty big forum myself, so I might be able to clear up some confusion about the terminology 

Script style is when you literally write a script:

Traveller: ( Just behind the great curtain, a blue box sits mostly undisturbed, as if awaiting a cue. )

Victoria: ( Quietly)…Fourever Alone?

Traveller: ( Following the cue, four identical ladies open the doors and step out, strutting to the middle of the stage. One of them, a blonde, gives a nod to Silver. )

Silver: ( Nodding in turn, Silver reaches into a hidden pocket added to her skirt. She pulls out a gleaming pitch pipe and blows an E )

although some players DO use text language.

Ah that makes sense.I always assume this is chat style ,but good to know its the same thing after all. ^^
-Boops nose- hi there! Uhm sooo... How's it goin? You seem pretty neat c: take this cake as a gift! :cake:
Oh hello! I'm doing well thanks.Welcome to DA by the way. c:
Ooh thank you kind person c: -pats-