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My Hero Academia Crackship for KittenAX by ThunderLordess My Hero Academia Crackship for KittenAX :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 6
Ocean Exploration 2
Tokoyami sighed deeply, and shifted his weight as he passed off the Dusk Stone to the traveling merchant, wings flaring slightly to keep his balance. Once the second clawed talon touched back down, he turned to Arthur. “Well, that should do it. Let’s get a move on before Ghoti loses his mind and wanders off again. Who knows, maybe with this load we’ll finally find him a Pokemon of his own.”
The Grass/Poison/Flying type said nothing but nodded, faithfully trailing behind his elder, one hand lifting the rowboat that they were going to explore with, the other holding his constantly wandering Cherubi tight to prevent unwanted adventuring. He had a partner already, but chanced a glance up at the Murkrow. He knew how much Tokoyami had wanted a Pokemon of his own since they were children, and him finding Hall only added to that jealousy for Tokoyami and Ghoti both. He hoped that maybe with this trip there could be a Pokemon found for the both of them—one with win
:iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 1 8
Ocean Exploration 1 by ThunderLordess Ocean Exploration 1 :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 4 9 Tokoyami [ANW] by ThunderLordess Tokoyami [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 5 Sahar [ANW] by ThunderLordess Sahar [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 4 1 Tafah [ANW] by ThunderLordess Tafah [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 1 Jaras [ANW] by ThunderLordess Jaras [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 3 1 Kitaar [ANW] by ThunderLordess Kitaar [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 2 1 Chabu [ANW] by ThunderLordess Chabu [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 4 1 Ghoti [ANW] by ThunderLordess Ghoti [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 1 Avium [ANW] by ThunderLordess Avium [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 7 1 Dakhm [ANW] by ThunderLordess Dakhm [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 1 Dire [ANW] by ThunderLordess Dire [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 3 Haris [ANW] by ThunderLordess Haris [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 4 1 Hall [ANW] by ThunderLordess Hall [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 5 Arthur [ANW] by ThunderLordess Arthur [ANW] :iconthunderlordess:ThunderLordess 5 3


Happy Birthday Thunderlordess by KamiraWolfDemon Happy Birthday Thunderlordess :iconkamirawolfdemon:KamiraWolfDemon 2 3 A Mighty Headshot by Psychomagician24 A Mighty Headshot :iconpsychomagician24:Psychomagician24 2 2 He Protecc her from Splash [Xmas Cheerfest] by LastbutnotAlise He Protecc her from Splash [Xmas Cheerfest] :iconlastbutnotalise:LastbutnotAlise 4 6 Candy Cane Hokage by Psychomagician24 Candy Cane Hokage :iconpsychomagician24:Psychomagician24 3 6 Adoptable Pokemon 19 (Closed) by 5TARF0X Adoptable Pokemon 19 (Closed) :icon5tarf0x:5TARF0X 43 22 Fanor by MovieLover8Jurassic4 Fanor :iconmovielover8jurassic4:MovieLover8Jurassic4 2 4 TLK Lioness Lines [P2U] by Machati TLK Lioness Lines [P2U] :iconmachati:Machati 1,009 51 21 P2U ANIMAL + ANTHRO BASES! by SqdPxl 21 P2U ANIMAL + ANTHRO BASES! :iconsqdpxl:SqdPxl 287 24 Fantasy humanoid adopts 3 [OPEN 5/8] by Kitsunka Fantasy humanoid adopts 3 [OPEN 5/8] :iconkitsunka:Kitsunka 30 7
[Pixel Commisions]

[Pixel Chibi]

400 Points

[+200 per extra character]
[Little pets / Pokémon +50]
I don't make fixes after the finished drawing.
Pay first to start with the commission.
EternallyEthereal [1: Ref + Pose] [2: Ref + Pose] + Extras = 900Points --
[Fill out the form before asking for the commission]
:bulletgreen: Clear Reference of the character: -
:bulletgreen: Extras [Optional]: -
:iconplanthom:Planthom 13 8
Day 2: Set Price - Winter Poncho - CLOSED by The-Fan-Curator Day 2: Set Price - Winter Poncho - CLOSED :iconthe-fan-curator:The-Fan-Curator 8 6 Tanuki by MovieLover8Jurassic4 Tanuki :iconmovielover8jurassic4:MovieLover8Jurassic4 3 7 Axios by MovieLover8Jurassic4 Axios :iconmovielover8jurassic4:MovieLover8Jurassic4 3 0 Fan of abstract by MovieLover8Jurassic4 Fan of abstract :iconmovielover8jurassic4:MovieLover8Jurassic4 2 2 PKMN-ANW | Great Uncle Seraph by TalonV PKMN-ANW | Great Uncle Seraph :icontalonv:TalonV 11 3 Lion family adopt. OPEN: reduced price 2 left! by BeeStarART Lion family adopt. OPEN: reduced price 2 left! :iconbeestarart:BeeStarART 62 41



Pregnant Lioness (Ornate)
+25 per cub with "Regular" father
+40 per cub with "Ornate" father
(Priced with two cubs from "Regular" Father)

Emergency Preggo Lioness Auction-Closed by ThunderLordess
Pregnant Lioness (Regular)
+10 per cub with "Regular" father
+15 per cub with "Ornate" father
(currently priced with two regular cubs)

Pregnant Lioness Auction-Closed by ThunderLordess
Lion Cub (Deluxe)
(Will generally be using OCrystal lines)
No examples
Lion Cub (Ornate)
(Will generally be using OCrystal lines)

Cub for FanArt20 by ThunderLordess Jericho cubs for LadyRoyalei by ThunderLordess
Lion Cub (Regular)
(Will generally be using OCrystal bases)

Cub for xXWolves20Xx by ThunderLordess


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United States
Pixel Doll for ThunderLordess by SonaLover

Yay! I just learned how to post thumbnails! These are all drawings that other people have made for me. <3! Love you all!
Thunder by Hessanite :thumb347341142: :thumb356452639: Thunder Lordess by Cresselivoir Let's Go on an Adventure! by Cresselivoir:thumb356785886: :thumb358832282: Point Commission for thunderlordess by JustSher:thumb359312642: The Lordess of Thunder - Merry Christmas! by KTLasair Thunda n Frost by KTLasair Eye of the Tiger by KTLasair Commission for thunderlordess by KawaiiSphynx Different Personalities - PC by jellification:thumb361425205: happy birthday ThunderLordess by RoxyDeerArtz
Fan #1: Axel
Flurry of Dancing Flames by ThunderLordess
Personality: Suave and sassy, a big-brother type who's protective of younger and smaller Fans. Likes sleeping and ice cream

Fan #2: Hashirama
Shodaime by ThunderLordess
Personality: Big dumb dork, excitable and will love you regardless if you hate him or not. Likes gambling, grooming bonsai trees and mushroom soup.

Fan #3: Tobirama
Nidaime by ThunderLordess
Personality: Grumpy and tsundere as all hell, has a fiery temper but also possesses a soft side. Likes swimming, fishing, and playing with his son. (Not mine but located here:… )

Fan #4: BONUS FAN Akira
Personality: Really sad and lonely, keeps to himself most of the time because he doesnt want to spoil the mood of others. (Please draw him with friends </3)

Fan #5: Toshi
Personality: Stands for truth and justice! Always smiling! Except when he's a tired boi. When he's skinny please give him a snack.


307 deviations
Tafah [ANW]

Name Tafah
Age 4
Level 30
EXP log 63/100
Gender Female
Species Gourgeist
Traits Shiny
Type Grass/Ghost
Title None
Family None, Sahar and Jaras

Move log
- Astonish
- Confuse Ray
- Scary Face
- Trick-or-Treat
- Worry Seed
- Razor Leaf
- Leech Seed
- Bullet Seed
- Shadow Sneak
Partner Sahar
Mutable: Yes
Sassy. Incredibly vain, she cares more about her looks than anything else, and it's a wonder that Sahar managed to teach her the moves that she did. It's only because they're both so stubborn that they get along at all. Tafah usually fights with Jaras because he ate her food.

Additonal Art
Sahar [ANW]

Name Sahar
Age 17
Level 1
EXP log 81/100
Gender Female
Species Braixen/Mismagius
Traits Hybrid
Type Fire/Ghost
Title Doctor
Family Ghayit (brother), Nova (sister-in-law), Hailey (sister-in-llaw's sister)
- Tafah
- Jaras

EXP log

Move log
- Growl
- Psywave

From: Droma City
Mutable: Yes
Rash. Can't sit still for more than a second and is always bustling about with her arms full of "potion ingredients" or trying out new twigs to see which is the best for casting spells. Often doesn't take no for an answer and does the thing even when she's told it can be dangerous. Has blown herself up more than once but doesn't care. It's in the name for science. She's best friends with Hailey and will often drag her on adventures under Hazel or Haris' watchful eye. Still mad at her brother for his part in the coup and doesn't like it when he looks down on Nova or Hailey and treats them poorly. Still loves him though.


Hailey- Best friends. Will often drag the Ninetales along in her adventures in schemes much to the protest of her friend. Has even gotten her to sit still while she tests out new potions. So far the "best" one was a potion that made her hair frizz something terrible.

Ghayit- She doesn't like him and sometimes wishes she had another brother. Speaks out and scolds him sometimes, but can unfortunately be shut up and bribed with rare ingredients.

Jaras- He often makes her laugh with his silly antics and she's one of the few people he doesn' try to trick or steal things from. But they harmlessly prank each other.

Tafah- She and Tafah are sometimes at eachother's throats, but it only lasts for a few minutes before they're best friends again. Sahar likes to give the Gourgeist baths and shine up her body.

Additional Art: </b>
Tokoyami [ANW]

Name Tokoyami
Age 17
Level 5
EXP log 13/100
Gender Male
Species Murkrow
Traits None
Type Dark/Flying
Title Merchant

EXP log </a>
- Ocean Exploration II -97
- 270 Flash Trip

Move log
- Peck
- Astonish

From: Droma City
Mutable: Yes
Quiet. Doesn't really speak a lot and tends to hang back in the shadows absorbing information. He's a little shy about his appeance, and really grumpy that he doesn't have any hands or arms, so either has to peck at his food or use his feet to pick things up, neither of which he's particularily pleased about. He doesn't have a Pokemon of his own yet, but he wants one. A good Flying type would be nice, that way they can fly together and hang out on tree limbs.

He's often pretty dramatic and is the king of dry one-liners. He also swears alot and tells people to "Fuck off".

Additional Art:



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