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When you're under a lot of pressure, this is what the weekend feels like sometimes.

Exhausted, you pause for a second. You realize though, that your Responsibilities start catching up with you, and Time, driving an omnipresent fear of failure, is not far behind, pushing you to the edge. You can see the other side; the +1 you need for the week ahead. But as you run, you feel your Doubt and insecurities weighing on you, and you realize you're not going to make it. And sometimes you reach out to friend, but they can't see everything around you, and when you're over the Abyss, they turn away for a moment. Even if they catch you, your Doubt still dangles dangerously on your ankle. And in that moment, as the ground drops out from under you and your stomach sinks, the demon of Anxiety reaches up and drags you down. It shreds your mind - attacking everything you've done, everyone you know, and everything you are. When it finishes, you're allowed to crawl back out of the Abyss on the other side and claim your weekly boost, but you're a little more worn down and a little more hollowed out than before.
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