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The True Lifesaver

When I first saw the "Spike at your service" episode, I already looked forward to this ending. But it didn't come, and I was a little disappointed. :( So I had to draw it! This is what I wanted to see at the end of the episode! I hope you don't mind! :)

I already planned to do this since I first saw this episode, but came so much into: Contest, the season final (and the comics for that), an illness, but at least I finished! The most hardest part was the library. That library..

When I finished it, I mostly cried with them. It was such a milestone. In my head: "Maybe, this was the last time, that I draw Twilight as an Unicorn." It made me soooo sad. I don't really want to talk about this here, I already wrote a journal about this.…

Tumblr version:…

Update: Featured on Equestria Daily!… Yay! You are awesome! Thank you!
I fixed "Yar" to "Yer" reading that this is the correct one. Sorry for that, I already feared from the AJ slang, didn't wanted to overdo it either. :)

Update: Comics dub video version :)…

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I'm not crying your crying
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This Is Lovely

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Was anyone else expecting him to go to Rarity’s?
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This would’ve been a great ending, Fantastic job!
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Yes I am, and that's okay.
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Just to be clear I’m not crying 
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Doh!! Right in the feels!! This is so precious!:D
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it's sooo precious TWT
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...aside from the feels, I really do have to commend the way Twilight lowers herself when Spike runs at her like that.
It's just so perfect.
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Would have been a way better ending! But hey at least after 8 seasons we finally got Spike to admit that Twilight is as good as any mother to him! (FINALLY lol)

And season 9 also confirmed he's a little sibling too.

Truly part of the family pretty much.

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Yeah but do you what else of courseChara Icon 
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Very cute :)  Not every comic like this needs to be funny
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Good ol' Spike. (:
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These two, IMO, would make a great mother-son relationship.
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Damn! No matter how many times I try reading Applejack's lines, I can't get a good Southern accent down.
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This actually made me cry
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Oh Celestia, I'm going to die.

For you have killed me with feels.
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Outside the window:
Rainbow Dash Crying icon Im not crying!
Rainbow Dash (cry) plzIM NOT CRYING AT ALL!
Fluttershy Happy Emoticon. Ugh such a softy
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