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Parents Destinies
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Published: March 30, 2013
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It's true: Friendship is magic, and that's what the show want to show us. In the other hand, there is something that the series don't show us, even if I think it's more powerfull then friendship. And it's the "Love". Especially the love, what the parents feel for their children. I think if Friendship is Magic, then Love is a Miracle. I don't think that Shining Armor, and Twilight were born with their destinies. But there were someponys, who help them get a dream to fight for, and a very big support to reach it. That's every parents destinies, supporting their children, so they can fulfill their destinies too. It's true, that Twilight reached her destiny, with the help of her friends. But Twilight could never meet her friends, if her parents haven't enrolled her into "Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns", where we all know what happent. But I'm pretty sure that they give a lot of support before that, what we couldn't see, so she can became what she is now.
That's why I made this comics, I think that Twilight's parents (?Twilight Velvet, and Night Light?) really deserv to be mention. Friendship is important. But we must not forget that the Family is as important too, if not then more important.

Drawing this, I remembered one of my favorit ending in a PC game. Have you played Bioshock yet? And remember the good ending? It's one of my favorite ending in the game history. It's really suit's here: [link]

"A Family"

It was the first time, that I draw the background on my owe. So if it' not really good, then excuse me, I tried really hard, but I'm not good at the backgrounds sorry ^^".

If you asking me, where is Spike, I leaved him in my previous here: [link]
Spike had a big role here, so I wanted to focus more on the parents related children :) He is the one, who toke the picture! :D


Tumblr version: [link]

MLP:FiM © :iconfyre-flye: / :iconhasbroplz:
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Saw this in Equestria Daily. Had to fave it! It's so heartwarming!
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GySGtGibbsHobbyist General Artist
This is something missing from the modern seasons...heart.
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My only complaint is that spike isn't in the photo too.
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Philip-BoomStudent Artist
You're such an inspirational speaker!
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The-Queen-Of-MokonasStudent Artist
Such proud parents! I'm so happy for them! cries a single tear~.
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I bet they replaced this with a updated version with thier granddaughter unit.
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KingNicholas1Professional Writer
Their names are Night Light (Dad) and Twilight Velvet (Mom). I think that since both their kids are full-grown and they're always together in every scene we see them, they're quite happily married.
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Just perfect! 100% Loving it!
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CitrusEucalyptusProfessional General Artist
Bundles and oodles of AWWWs!

Wonderful job!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day!
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Friendship is Magic, then Love is a Miracle
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Saafm1Hobbyist General Artist
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MikeysFanGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
It gets me man... In the feels...
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starwarsfannickHobbyist Writer
Aww great comic.
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can totally imagine Twilight's dad going around saying "Ha! My kids have achieved true greatness" and pointing at ponies saying "In your face!" Only to have his wife drag him away to avoid embarrassing them both even further LOL. :D
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Man twilights parents are so lucky they have the princess of friendship,Princess cadance,Captain of the royal guard in their family tree I mean come on thats f***ing rare
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twi's parents must brag to EVERYPONY
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DragonBlitz85Hobbyist General Artist
We.  Need.  An episode.  Like this.
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Just imagine how these 2 will feel once Shining Armor and Cadence finally give birth to a child, I'm sure T.V. & N.L. will be very proud grandparents.
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the-75th-hunger-gameStudent Digital Artist
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Clear! Dont you dare give up on me man!
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