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This Day Aria...What?

Obviously don't own MLP:FIM or its characters. They belong to Hasbro and :iconfyre-flye:

Whew, finally finished it. As soon as I finished "A Scootaloo Will Do" I came up with the idea for this not having a battery slowed down the process by making it so I could not edit. But everything is better now.

Vectors used at one point or another (some not in final comic but were used in rough drafts, so credit is due):


[link] by :iconuxyd:

[link] by :iconflutterguy317:

[link] by :iconnickman983:

[link] by :iconmoongazeponies:

[link] by :iconsistemx:

[link] by :iconyanoda:

[link] by :iconquanno3:


[link] by :iconfirestorm-can:

[link] by :icontim015:

[link] by :iconchoppsoy:

[link] by :icon3luk:

[link] by :iconericfortney:

[link] by :iconscisohaelora:

[link] by :icon90sigma:


[link] by :icondarkalchemist15:

[link] by:iconbakabrony:
[link] by :iconproenix:

This would not have been possible to make without the vectors by the above people, so please go check out their excellent artwork!

And yes, I know the ponies keep changing colors. Problem with using different vectors. Have not had the time to learn a way to change that without screwing things up. And yes, I know one of Twilight's lines is in Cadance's color. I might fix that. Eventually. Depends on if people notice or not.
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Singing used to always really bother me in a show. Then I realized they're not literal any more than outlines are - just a way to depict the feelings of a period of time (whether it's minutes or years).
trecegato's avatar
you have the crysaliss turn?
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Twilight needs to learn that Duets are important.
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Y'know, I never understood this thing: how two people, singing a song at different locations at the SAME TIME, could know when to sing their part. It's in movies like Grease, Pocahontas, and An American Tale.

I just never understood how that was possible. Maybe it's movie realism? Who can tell?
arseck's avatar
ajjajjaja siempre pense que pasaba cuando cantaban a duo en dos luagres diferentes
123-Kitsune's avatar
Oh dear, sounds like Cadence was down in that cave for a bit too long :D
EnchantedGem's avatar
behind the scenes xDDD
Skll-Grl's avatar
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! OMG I luv it!!!! <3
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Chibi Princess Cadence Icon Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Hey Twilight!
Twilight (Huh?) Plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 What?
Princess Cadence (Angry) Plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 SHUT UP!
Twilight (Crying) Plz Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 :(
pokeczarelf's avatar
feels like its a blooper of that song
W0nderbolts's avatar
twilight you need to stop being a tryhard
PixelBlujay's avatar
I think u read my mind
W0nderbolts's avatar
this technically came true in season 5 w00t!!!
Thundercracker417's avatar
It did? What, the telling Twilight to be quiet part?
JenexiBolt22's avatar
exactly what i was thinking!
WatermelonWalrus's avatar
I've always wondered what happened after "shining armor will be!"
Aenaia's avatar
Lol exactly!
white-tigress-12158's avatar
Nice. That makes a lot of sense but I never thought about that.
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