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Tiny Normandy Model

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Ok, a bunch of people asked for this model, so I'm making it available here.

Unfortunately this was meant to be a private model so I never did instructions for it's assembly.
You'll have to use pics of the Normandy to figure out where everything goes...

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please man give instructions plzzz...
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Great work! It's awesome!
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i think this is awesome :)

I made a mini one and im taking it with me to exp con to see if i can get both shepards and liara to sign it (or a paper attached to it or something)

Thank you soo much!!!
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That would be sweet! Be sure to post pics! :D
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most def!!! i showed it to them and omg the look on their faces!!!

Mark Meer: O_O!! "Is this paper?.... WOW... That's awesome" (it was one of those times when you have to do a double take look to believe what your seeing)

Jen Hale: O_O!! *speechless* "Oh wow... I'm trying to figure out the best way to hold this to show it off"

Ali Hillis sadly canceled :( she had a show to go to, so no liara :(

But I shall post pics up soon!
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Thats really awesome! :D I'm soooo jealous! :P
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I got the picture up with both Shepards' holding the Normandy :) it's on my page! Thank you once again!
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That's awesome. Since you didn't post a link, here's that picture for anyone else reading these comments :) [link]
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Thank you for sharing! That pic is too cool for words! :D
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Wow! thanks for sharing this model, I'm a big Mass Effect fan too. Btw, was brought here via paperkraft /FB
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Ya welcome friend! Thanks for the heads up on the FB, I'll check it out. :)
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Awesome little ship :)
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