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Mini Millennium Falcon

Well, since I have had so many requests for this model, here it is. Enjoy!

This model is a fan-creation. It's here, it's free.
If you come across anyone offering this specific model, particularly if they are trying to sell it, please let me know.
Thank you.
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Hey! Looks awesome well done! what’s the best cardstock paper grams for this?

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Whichever you prefer. Don't go too thick. My print on normal printer paper was pretty stable. :)

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Looks great and adorable simple! <3
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Wow, awesome! :D This will come in handy with the roleplaying game.
What scale is this roughly?
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Absolutely no idea. I just made it as small as I could while keeping it buildable for most people. There are ways to calculate the scale though.
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Awww man, so much coolness in so little space!
Thanks a lot, I'll move this one high in my list.
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ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?? Hell Yeah!! Thank you very much for another ship fvrom my childhood TC. this is DEFINITELY on the top of my build list!
Your skill, attention to detail, and generosity never seizes to amaze me. Thank you for yet another fine, fine model. Wish I had time to build my x-mas present you sent me. But soon I will make some time. Keep well buddy.
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