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Huge file is huge. Sorry!
I finally got around to posting the process to [link]

You know how it is when you do something and it takes forever and you think it's amazing and the best thing you've ever done, and then a month or so later you look at it and pick out all the problems and hate it with every ounce of loathing in your body? That's how I feel about that painting. It has failed to live up to itself in posterity. It's the last big thing I did on my old computer and on my macbook it looks like ATTACK OF THE 80s and yikes. I want it gone from my life.

Painted in Photoshop 7 (best incarnation of PS ever) with a 4x6 Wacom Intuos 3 tablet
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SzkArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Very easily understood and I think there's a few tips in there I can really benefit from :) thanks 
cool tutorial.
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Not only is this a gorgeous piece, but it's a very helpful tutorial too! I've always had troubles with digital painting, especially for backgrounds, so thank you very much :D
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Thanks, this is really helpful! :D Especially the part about creating your own grass brush, that looks like it would save a load of time.
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ThirdPotatoProfessional Digital Artist
I love how rich of colors you get here!! and omg! I agree! Photoshop 7 with a small intuos3!! Best combo ever!!
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This is amazing. <3!
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What Opacity/Flow do you work at generally?
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thundercakeProfessional Digital Artist
100% opacity and flow. I control it with the stylus pressure. The only time I go less than 100% is when sketching something with a lot of detail.
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EliwiProfessional General Artist
I think it's wonderful and you do a great job explaining everything!

But I know what you mean- about looking at something you did and believing it's the best thing in the world... and then 2 months later, you look at it and you hate it LOL XD. But then again, that means you've improved :)
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o0KaoruyHikaru0oHobbyist General Artist
wow!beautiful!I hope some day I use this tutorial :3

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GrusartHobbyist General Artist
Amazing! I want to try doing oily digipaints :C This really inspires me to try it once again!
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thanks for posting this, i really enjoyed seeing your illustration process :)
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Great tut! :D
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ManoelRicardoProfessional General Artist
damn. ur a genius. tasty painting! :D
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Oh wow, that's gorgeous.
I've never been big on making BG's - like most people, but I think that this has inspired me to be more...creative.
Argh, you make so much sense...haha, it's like you're actually making it while you're making the tutorial, unlike other people...idk, It's hard to explain.
Anyways, this is great. :]
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thundercakeProfessional Digital Artist
I'm glad it was helpful! I like to take progress shots while I paint so I can trace my steps.
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It was. :] me, that seems like a lot of extra work! Must take a lot of patience...
Keep at it, though - everything's gorgeous. :3
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MischavieProfessional Digital Artist
Man, this has been one of the most helpful tutorials I have found on backgrounds. I love it. Thank you SO much for making it!
Man your tutorials are amazing! I think I have read all of them start to finish, they are very helpful, amazing work :D
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JalapenostarkHobbyist General Artist
Understandable? You made me understand how do make awesome stylish grass that I've been trying to do for such a long time! So simple yet so beautiful! Thank you very much for this tutorial :)
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thundercakeProfessional Digital Artist
You're very welcome, I'm glad it helped :)
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JalapenostarkHobbyist General Artist
Yee, I used that technique to make it look like it's blowing. Turned out pretty well [link]
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justclaire44Student Digital Artist
this was a very good tutorial and easy to read/understand
the picture is beautiful too
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songflyStudent Traditional Artist
Isso magickul.O8
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