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Spring Flowers

A gift for my friend `alexds1 :) Her comic The Meek deserves your love.

"My hair isn't moldy! It's beautiful, and it can even grow flowers in the spring!"

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xanthicmoonlight's avatar
Great use of texture and color. Her ankles get dangerously thin though. Nice work!
arghsdemeter's avatar
i love the perspective and
the anatomy is soo cool >w<
adorable face and prettyy hair >w<
pNaGme's avatar
She looks free and happy and the colors are wonderful!
zerreitug's avatar
Guess what? That was my 100th favorite :D !
I really like her expression, I also like the way you drew the legs and they transform into feet like a whiplash
muura's avatar
Delicious curvacious foreshortening! love her shoulderblade too ♥
powowcow's avatar
She looks hot. Gotta love a green chick :)
Strawberry-Chain's avatar
I thought alexds1 was a man? :O
Anyway, nice picture. :)
SynchronizedLuv's avatar
Ahh, this is fantastic. I love Angora.
ShariIsLikeWHOA's avatar
I love it! I want to see her hair grow flowers so badly :XD:

the second she said it I was like O.O!!!

you did a brilliant job ^.^
cool-slayer's avatar
What a wonderful rendition of `alexds1 character! Love the perspective, the lines, but especially the coloring. You color like no other :) amazing use of texture too!
ayuICHI's avatar
Hahaha that's funny and cute. :3 Good job.
SnapesAngel's avatar
Hehe. I lvoe it! And she's watering the flowers on her head. :thumbsup:
evanjensen's avatar
Got a little bowdlerized, from her er...state in the comics, na? *laughs* I immediately wanted to see this flower thing when I read the comic.
zeroxtb's avatar
everything about this is great, the anatomy and perspective are killer!
SilverVulpine's avatar
Such a bright, vibrant piece.

A wonderful ushering-in of spring. :love:

Very nice work, my friend. :)
Tephers's avatar
Wow, you really captured the look of the comic! I knew right away from the thumbnail who I was looking at. This is great. :D
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
:D Awesome! I love how you drew her, this is one awesome thing about not washing your hair too often! :D
lairy's avatar
awww you guys are buds :3 cutes
AkirA6001's avatar
Oolh's avatar
ohffffffffffff this is gorgeous <3 love the perspective, and the gesture of her body is awesome (THOSE LEGS..)
great picture!
DragonforceDingo's avatar
this is awesome! it's exactly something i could imagine her doing! :iconx3v2plz: great job!
elviella's avatar
Oh my god I LOVE THIS.

The perspective, as everyone said, is awesome, and I also adore the anatomy. Simply amazing! Nice textures and colours ^_^
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