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Sneaking Around

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My friend Autumn (~carcadann) had some great advice when I mentioned I wanted to put a rat in my picture. She said "Don't do a rat, because then people think "ewww, disease." Do a mouse, so people think "awww, disease!" :aww:

This took 3 days and was one of the most complex paintings I've ever attempted. I almost never do interiors so I thought I would try to redo [link] - the character in that painting was the basis for Emme Anders, my plot device from Thorns.

See if you can spot the hidden details :D
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A comfy place and food. Hazzah~
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Evil lingers in the shadows!
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me estoy muriende que el infierno se espere por que esto esta muy hermoso
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wow es una de las imagenes mas bellas que he visto en años
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aww muchas gracias! <3
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me podrias ayudar con ideas para hacer mi ID
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Wow. Only just noticed the creepy dude in the corner. What's going on there?
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That creepy figure in the corner really scared me when I saw it first time, thanks alot.. Maybe a warning next time? :)
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That would take all the fun out of it :D
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Who's the creeper in the corner?

Anyways, this is really superb. Love it :D
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aaah I love everything about this picture!
The warm cosy colors, all the wonderful details and ohohoh scary man in the back xD
So much to look at and so much feeling :heart:
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Mindfucks like that always make me shiver :<
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Holy snap, I almost jumped out of my chair when I saw the creepy guy in the background (I was reading all the little labels).

Brilliant job!
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There's a ghost at the back! =O xD
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You know what I like most here? The rat. :lol: I love it's tiny textured fur, and it's just so cute. And the girl looks awesome of course -- I love her hair and outfits. You have a lot of patience with background. The colours are breathtaking as usual. <3

I like how the girl isn't scared of the rat (Or has she simple not noticed it yet?)
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Thank you! I guess she isn't scared because she sees them so often :lol:
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Ahh oops, it'sa mouse, a mouse! :noes:

Even cuter!

:o And I just noticed the dude in the corner...
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Awesome work!
I love the colours used. C:
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Eeek! Scary dude in the corner! LOOK BEHIND YOU!!

Nice one, great sense of detail. The guy really creeps me out :D
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I love the details and the colours!
The man in the back is freaking me out... 0_0
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I had no idea Mr.MJ was in the background until I read the messages and found him... But jeez that mouse is adorable and I adore that colors and complexity on the girls face! Great Job!
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