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Do The Time Warp

It's a meme! -_-

Thought this might be a fun thing since I'm sure a lot of you had embarrassing teenage years like me! Or maybe you went through a goth phase in middle school. Or maybe you remember dressing up like the little mermaid every day in elementary school. *cough*

So if you want to do this, download it and cover up my drawing, or use this blank here: [link]

And feel free to do something more interesting than I did.


retrospect edit;
It's great so many people seem to like this! Er.. it's fine if you want to link me to your finished meme, but please just leave a comment! notes are cluttery ^^;
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I did the deed my liege 😂

Time Warp Meme Redo
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Thank you and i make it! :)
time warp meme~ by YraBlueDashie
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Thanks for the idea. Here's my take on it: Time Warp
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✿ meme ii ✿ 

it was fun, thank you!
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8 years and still going strong. I have to do this! 
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I know it's kind of late, but can I do your meme? I'll send you a link for my finished results
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Oh, and link doesn't work for me for some reason. :/
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haha Wow. Looks like I done it ahead of time. At least the younger version is done already. I'll do this though. Maybe a fresh one. Great drawing and great concept.
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it says forbidden when i try to click the blank meme!! ;;
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Compared to when I was 16, I look worse but I have a generally more positive attitude.
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I wear the same Goth clothes I did when I was 16 and I'm 23. For me it wasn't phase its part of who I am, screw being normal. The only difference is I'm no longer at school or live with my parents,got married and am infinitely more happy for it.
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"Pretentious liberal buttons"
Lmao true I see a lot of that at highschool-
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Yeh gurl get you summa dat POTUS ;o
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I had a short semi goth/punk phase in my early teen years, had the skull shirt, earring, leather arm band, listened to lordi and ramstein and everything, OH and I drew allot of grim reaper stuff, most are actually in my gallery xD It was an odd time... Damn, now I wanna do this!
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wow I thought teen phases like that were just stereotypes xD!!
I was such a boring teenager...
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I did it. I enjoyed your meme Love 
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