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Warcraft iPod touch theme

By ThunderBreak
Warcraft theme for the iPod touch and iPhone*.

Includes 3 summerboard themes (generic, Horde, Night Elf), customize battery, and carrier images.

(Requires a jailbroken iPod touch.)

*Some iPhone icons are probably missing.

Note: If you're running winterboard on newer firmware, just copy/paste and rename some icon .pngs to cover unsupported apps as a stopgap measure. Alternatively, you can make your own icons by taking them from thottbot/wowhead, then resize to 60x60 px, save as .png, and name them accordingly.

Another note: For 2.x firmware, in order to get the battery working, you'll have to make a folder called "Bundles" inside the Warcraft theme folder, and in that folder make one called "", then put in that folder the battery images and rename each of them to BatteryBG_x.png, where x corresponds to the wowbatt-x.png number, except for wowbatt.png, which needs to be renamed to BatteryBG_17.png

© 2008 - 2021 ThunderBreak
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hi friend iam new with this ipod i dont have wifi connections and summerboard application for my ipod touch 8gb mc series 3.1.3 firmware plz help me in this
thanks in advance
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its really amazing work

when i will get iphone i will definetly use ur there

thank you ^^
This is awesome xD
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i must have this :D
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Hey bro, do you know how to install this theme, I have everything needed, I just don't know how to install a custom theme from downloading it via PC.
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You'll have to use a program to remotely access your ipod touch files, like WinSCP or something. Then you can just drag the theme folder to where the summer/winterboard themes are stored. Hope that helps.
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Thanks bro, I found out how the other day, and I've been using your theme ever since, epic theme bro, your theme is the most detailed on DA I've seen so far. Thanks again for the help bro.
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Whoa. o.o It's like magic! Can you do that with other pics?
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dude can u really do that??
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nice theme, thanks :clap:
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how can I download this great themes for my iPod???

Really, awesome work :D
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Please humor me?

I'm new to iPod touch, what do I need to enable these customizations?

I'm pretty much with a NEW iPod and clueless about it's gizmos and stuff..

Thank you so much before hand!
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Well first of all you need a jailbroken (hacked) ipod touch.

This site has good guides for jailbreaking it to allow you to use custom themes, and to install the themes themselves.


good luck! and jailbreak your ipod touch at your own risk :P
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Hello there,

My name is Jody Mitoma.
I am the founder of [link] [Touch Podium].

I just recently gathered up a Round-Up of 10 Beautiful Summerboard Themes, and you just so happened to be a part of the top 10!

Congratulations, you've come in 8th place. :)

Have a look for yourself, here: [link]
Wow, great.. Could you make it even for iPhone? With the icons for Sms, Phone and Preferences?
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Done. Lemme know if I'm missing any iphone apps :P
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