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Tumbler Account  >

2018YupiANanEmote025  Hey! hows it going xD ? 
Even though my life has been unreasonably busy, I am finding ways to fit drawing into my scheduled! *Eventually :,D*

SO ~ I believe now is a good time to accept some commissions from you guys!

If you are interested and have any questions, please leave a comment for me. :aww:
I normally draw Cartoons, animals, furries ect.
I recommend NOT requesting human characters from me , because they will probably end up terrible/// omg cry NOOOO sobbing - crying 

Sketch -Profile, head shot-:No color, paper & pencil " 1 Character: 3$" Additional character -sketch- +2$

Nostalga by thunderbolt3000   Cooking Buddies Sketch by thunderbolt3000  Rioichi scetches by thunderbolt3000 Deathmatch by thunderbolt3000 

Sketch -Full body-: No color, paper & pencil "1 character: 4$ "Additional full body character -sketch- is +3$ "

Fuck It by thunderbolt3000  Tennessee by thunderbolt3000 Egyptian sly by thunderbolt3000 Dance your Fears Away by thunderbolt3000  lll by thunderbolt3000 

Elaborate background +3$

Mature Content

Fire FOx by thunderbolt3000
  Who could be knocking at this hour? by thunderbolt3000

Add color accents: +2$ VVVVV

Woah by thunderbolt3000

Physically color the sketch: +5$

Temptation by thunderbolt3000




Lineart -Full body-: No color,  "1 character: 5$ "Additional full body character +4$ "

Sans Bad Time Line Art by thunderbolt3000

Color *NO shading, light background: 1 Character 6$ "Additional character +5$ "

Comfort Unshaded by thunderbolt3000

Color and Shading "Easy background": 1 character 8$ "Addition 2nd character +7$"}  +3rd character +6$ } +4th character +4.50$

  Just Another Contract by thunderbolt3000  Muggy Valentines Day by thunderbolt3000  Oh Hey by thunderbolt3000  flattered by thunderbolt3000  Horrortale by thunderbolt3000  Happy Halloween Undertale by thunderbolt3000  Bad Time Sans by thunderbolt3000  Endertale by thunderbolt3000  Cute Cups by thunderbolt3000

  If you want a colored/detailed background it can be 8-10 $ :,D depending *Elaborate backgrounds with color are not my specialty..*
-no current examples-

\\ I use pay-pal to make transactions
Likewise, If you are interested and have any questions, please leave a comment for me. :aww:  I'm all ears and ready to help Nick Wilde (Deleted Scene) - Icon Kotori Smile Icon !~


United States
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Chibi Neko America by Lenlipui Nekotalia France by Lenlipui Chibi Neko England by Lenlipui
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