Tenten's Tickle Torture

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The sun was shining in the village Hidden in the Leaves as Lee, Neji, and Tenten were coming back from their mission from another village. It had been a week since the three had helped Naruto and Sakura with the whole Sand Village incident with Gaara being kidnapped by some of the members of the Akatsuki but they were able to save him thanks to Naruto and Kakashi.

As soon as the three reported to the Fifth Hokage that they’re mission was a success, Lee went straight for the training field so he could do some serious training while Neji and Tenten were walking together so Tenten could get to her house. As soon as the two arrived to Tenten’s house, she said to Neji, “Thanks for walking me home Neji that was really…nice of you.”

Neji slightly blushed as he turned away from Tenten and said, “No problem Tenten.” With that said, Neji started walking back to his house as Tenten went back inside her house. She opened her door as she sat on her bed since now she had nothing else to do. As a chuuin she thought that she would be getting more missions but today there were no missions to give out.

She went into her special closet where she keeps all of her weapons and started polishing her weapons. Tenten sighed and thought, “All I can do now is just polish my weapons and wait for another mission to come. Then again I could just train with either Lee or Neji but they might not need my help.” As she was polishing her weapons, she noticed something fly into her room.

She grabbed it and realized that it was a letter from someone. Tenten opened the letter as she read it,
“Tenten I want to talk to you about something very important. Please meet me in the Hidden Leaves Forest. Your teammate, Neji. P.S. Don’t tell Lee about this I want to talk to you alone.”

Then without saying anything, Tenten jumped out from her window and was dashing towards the forest. “I don’t what Neji wants to talk about but I’d be happy to get out of my house and do something,” said Tenten. She was speeding up towards the forest as she started jumping from tree branch to tree branch. “Wait a minute I don’t know where Neji wants to meet me,” said Tenten.

Just as she was getting to the middle of the forest, Tenten saw Neji just standing there by a small shack. She jumped from the tree and landed behind Neji. “Hi Neji so what did you want to talk about?” He said nothing. “Neji what’s wrong?” Just then his body started shaking and then white dust was coming from her body. Tenten’s eye lids were starting to close and then eveything went blank.

Few minutes later, Tenten was waking up from the white dust and saw that she was in the shack. “How did I end up…Hey I can’t move my arms!” Tenten looked and saw that her arms were tied up with ropes. She also saw that her ankles were tied up as well. “How did this happen to me?!” She looked to the corner and saw a person in black walking towards her as the person turned her over and was now lying on her stomach.

Then the person sat on Tenten as the person removed her black sandals and started tickling both her feet. “Heeyeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe stop that hehehehehehehe!” Tenten giggled “I saaaaheheheheheheheheheheed stop hehehehehehehehehehehe!” The person in black didn’t listen as the person continued to tickle Tenten’s feet with their hands.

“Stop it hehehehehehehehehehehehe oh please staahahahahahahahahahahap!” Tenten giggled “Pleaseeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe you’re killlling me hehehehehehehehe!” The person stopped using their hands as the person pulled out two white feathers from their pocket. “Wait what are you planing to do to me?” Tenten asked terrifyingly. The figure said nothing as the person started stroking the feathers on her feet.


Four minutes later, Tenten was still having her feet tickled by a strange person in black. “C’MOOOOONNNNN AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP IT YOU’RE KILLLLLING MEEEEEEE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Tenten laughed “PLEASEEEEEE STOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” The person then put the feathers down since the person was pulling down his lower mask.

The person stuck out his tongue and started licking Tenten’s feet and this was driving her nuts. “NOOOOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOT THAHAHAHAHAHAHATT! PLEASEEEEEE STOP AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Tenten laughed. The person continued licking her feet leaving them wet all over and Tenten couldn’t take it.

Three minutes later she was still having her feet licked and couldn’t take much more. “OH GOD STOOOAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPPP ALREADYEEEEEE PLEASEEEEE!” she laughed “NO MORE NO MOREEEE AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PLEASE!” Just then the person had hit Tenten on the head knocking her out with one blow to the head.

The person then untied her and then left the small shack into the forest. “I can’t believe I did that,” said Neji as he took off his mask. “Well I kind of had fun torturing her and I might do it again.” Neji smirked a little as he was heading back towards the village.
I was in the mood to do a Tenten tickling fic since I haven't really done a story about her. Anyway enjoy this fic if you want to.

By the way this is Tenten during the Shippuden episodes.

These characters are not mine.
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Cool story.  why don't write one where TenTen gets Neji back.
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Yap!!! TenTen finally in her tickle story. Yeah!!1
(I can't say if it a good thing or a bad thing for her.)
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Yup I was in the mood that day to get Tenten tickled:D
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Good work. And thank you for giving TenTen a shot in your stories.(TenTen need some more fans.)
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That is awasome, do another about Krystal will ya please?
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If I can think of something then yes I will.
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Heh, u should make a tickling series.
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Heh heh. Nice job
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Heh, great work. It was very well written.

Keep it up!
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