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Snow White n 7 Stormtroopers

This is a part of my unofficial Star Tours series. It seemed like an interesting fit. :)

Screenshot is a manip from Episode IV.

Continue the Tour! >>> Bespin Resort!

Princess Leia, IT-O, Stormtroopers, Star Wars © Lucasfilm
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves © Disney
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© 2007 - 2021 Thumper-001
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LOL- Thanx for making and sharing that picture.  Just great :-)
LOL! This is just great! She doesn't seem too upset about being captured... And the torture droid with the poisoned apple was a great touch!
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Kill her my favourite dwarfs
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Great work!
Featured: [link]
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And now this film is on Blu-Ray! Too bad I don't have a player...
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will we ever see more?
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I gotta see a lager version pleeeease ,perhaps a wallpaper
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That's awesome! Aren't they a little short to be storm troopers?
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Thanks! Can I :+fav: this comment? XD
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Oh, this is a real good one. Looked like it was the trickiest to pull off, but you did it!
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Thanks! The Darth Valice image was probably the trickiest... I was excited to get this image done... so it sailed along. :)
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love it!
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This one is making me laugh! XD
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Glad you like it!
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Snow White gets tagged .. ? Huh.

Looks pretty cool .. for some reason I almost thought it'd be something like a Darth-Snow-White busting into the rebel ship at the beginning of the 'first movie', but I guess that doesn't really fit her character, huh? ;p
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When I really started thinking about it... to me the Snow White/Princess Leia mash-up seemed oddly perfect.

Probably just because of Snow White's name, and the fact that when Leia is first portrayed she's wearing a modest white-as-snow dress. The danish roll hairdo didn't seem too much of a stretch either.

I actually like the line-art for this just a little bit better. :)
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This made my day! Very very very nice. XD
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Cool! I'm very glad.
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