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Mick Solo and Chipie

I picked up a figurine of Yoda & Jedi Mickey at Disneyland this summer, and wished they had more mash-ups like it... hence the beginning of this Star Tours series I'm unofficially working on. We'll call it a wish list for now.

Screenshot is a manip from Episode IV.

Continue the Tour! >>> A Classic Rivalry!

Han Solo, Chewbacca, Millenium Falcon © Lucasfilm
Mickey Mouse, Chip, Dale © Disney
Star Tours logo © both
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why does Chip have helmet hair?
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I know Chewbacca has a center part... but, he kinda has that helmet hair thing going on too. :)

And... I'm not trying to be a Chip 'n Dale elitist (because I didn't know the difference before doing this picture), but Dale is the one with the red nose and two canines... just for clarification.
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very original using the 2 chimpmunks one above the other, great idea!
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Cool! I'm glad you liked it.
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Whoah, very creative. :) I only recall Star Tours existing because it was shown in my Disney Sing-a-Long video from when I was little. xD It seems like a fun and flashy exhibit. This definitely came out great. :+fav: Nice stuff!
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Well... to be honest... it's no Space Mountain.

I'm way more interested in the idea of the cross overs than the actual ride, but it does have its charm. :)
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You can't deny that. :) And crossovers are always cool. I've done some myself. :D

And now I finally :+fav:'d this at long last....xD Must've forgotten last time. ^^;
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