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Goof Maul

I picked up a figurine of Yoda & Jedi Mickey at Disneyland this summer, and wished they had more mash-ups like it... hence the beginning of this Star Tours series I'm unofficially working on. We'll call it a wish list for now.

Umm... he's got a double bladed lightsaber in his mouth. :)

Continue the Tour! >>> Mick Solo & Chipie!

Darth Maul, Star Wars © Lucasfilm
Goofy © Disney
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(Gets cut in half)

That's actually a pretty scary concept.

The craziness of Goofy mixed with the ferocity and savage skill of Darth Maul.
That is both silly and somehow scary as hell.
John-the-Enforcer's avatar
There is so much that could go wrong here...XD
Alpha-Lonewolf's avatar
HA! Epic and hilarious!
esteban199633's avatar
in my opinion...
is better than donald maul
therealdarthmaul's avatar
What a silly goof. Pretending to be me.
HollowDrake92's avatar
well, goofy has never looked funnier.
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar
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that is pure awesomeness
Goofy is my all-time favorite Disney character, and you just made him beyond epic. Thanks a lot. ^__^
skillustrate's avatar
this is awesome man
darth maul and goofy are 2 of my favorite characters
keep it up man
maybe u should look into the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series for inspiration
keep drawing
Digan's avatar
That's about 10,000 times scarier than the "real" Darth Maul.
MisterIngo's avatar
As a guy who loves cross-overs and loves to make 'em, I have to say that this is perhaps one of the best I've ever seen! Good work! :D
NERVchild's avatar
:O =) :XD: :giggle: :rofl:

This may be one of the funniest things I've seen related to Star Wars in a long while. Nicely done.
Thumper-001's avatar
Cool! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It was one of my initial ideas when starting the series.
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I'd have to say this is my favorite out of all the ones you submitted today
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Thank you, I'll have a few more coming soon.
Arbok-X's avatar
Now how come they didn't have people like you in the Imageer department? I'm sure they could use some talent like yours coming up with stuff like this. :D

This is my favorite Star Tour pic so far!
Thumper-001's avatar
Thanks Arbok! That's a big compliment... when I was a young kid, I so wanted to be an Imagineer. :)

+It would be crazy to actually create Star Tours merch for a living.
Arbok-X's avatar
I have to say, you got the imagination, you just gotta make the jump to Disney's lap.
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