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Bespin Resort

I picked up a figurine of Yoda & Jedi Mickey at Disneyland this summer, and wished they had more mash-ups like it... hence the beginning of this Star Tours series I'm unofficially working on. We'll call it a wish list for now.

Screenshot is a manip from Episode V.

Continue the Tour! >>> 'Ol Peg Leg Pete!

Lando Calrissian, Lobot, Cloud City, Bespin © Lucasfilm
Mickey, Donald, & Goofy © Disney
Star Tours logo © both
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These are really great Thumper, never really thought of merging Disney and Star Wars much outside of seeing it at Star Tours back when I was there.
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You know, I recently found some images of figures from the parks w/ more Disney/Star Wars mash-ups. I'm not sure if the figures are exclusive to Japan... but the packaging was from there.

Anyway, the sculpts weren't very good, and all the characters had cartoon wigs on. I hate the wigs.

The only one I liked (or would consider purchasing) was an Emperor Stitch.:)
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Emperor Stitch, now that's a hoot! XD

I remember going to MGM Studios on a band trip and seeing some Mickey Mouse images with lightsaber, but that'd be pretty standard in a Disney park with Star Wars I guess.
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I know you could find it as quickly as I could, but here's what I was talking about:

Star Tours Figures

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Ugh, the continuity errors would keep me from buying them. Mickey is supposed to parody Luke Skywalker, yet it looks like they gave him Mace Windu's lightsaber handle with a blue blade. And Stitch! That's a Luke Skywalker lightsaber with a read blade! XD Come on, these are classic characters, why make mistakes so obvious?

I kinda' like the Goofy Vader though.
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See this is the flaw of clicking a comment and not seeing what you wrote before. I just said the same thing AGAIN! XD

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Lando/Mickey mix is so damn awesome.

Nice work Thumper keep it up.
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The Lando/Mickey mash-up was one of my personal favorites.
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I wish I could be there for the Star Wars weekends...
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I do too... I hear that the 2008 dates were recently released.
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