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:dummy: Friends of Thumbshare and friends to be - We wish you Happy Holidays! :dummy:

In the past weeks you may have seen us hinting at a super secret event to take place on Dec. 27th, and then we announced that the super secret event has a name and a place and a purpose!

“Is it still super secret then?” Yes, it is; it’s just a little less secret! *dun Dun DUN*

However in order for you to be able to attend this super secret public event, we’ll actually tell you when it actually starts, and some of the things you can expect to witness and take part in.

The #Thumbsshare chatroom gates on dAmn will officially open at 5:30 AM Pacific Standard Time, which is 14:30 Central European Time. If you live in a different timezone and dislike time conversion as much as we do (man, we really do), you can google “5:30am PST to my local time” and the most generous Google wizard will hook you up with your local flavour of time. (Or use…)

:party: We have at least 10 hours of fun and activities scheduled for you, all live happening inside our chatroom! That’s almost a whole half day. :party:

This fun and activities will include, but not be limited to:

:pointr: Some story telling
:pointr: Something to do with connecting thumbs!
:pointr: Some selfie things!
:pointr: Something to draw!
:pointr: Some hunting!
:pointr: Something scrambled!?
:pointr: Some things to pile up?!?!
:pointr: Some special guest: NOT David Hasselhoff
:pointr: Some more events that sound even more mysterious...

Did you know there’ll be prizes? :excited: Now you do. That’s not a super secret.

One specific event we’ll lift the veil on is the Critique Hour at which you may receive critique on your own work as well as give critique to others.
This critique hour, which might not actually be limited to just one hour, will kick off at around 1pm PST / 22:00 CET.
Of course, this being #Thumbshare, everybody will be invited to promote their own works.
Join us for the Promo Hour at 9:15am PST / 18:15 CET.

All of this and more is gonna go down at…

You can also gain eternal glory until whenever by becoming the overall winner of our live events.. The overall winner shall be crowned Thumbus Sharelius :dance:.

Sword Tard by jahw Chocobo Knight by Zeraga
To behold this most holy title of Shareness one must fight for his/hers knowledge of the known and unknown.
The Thumbus Sharelius should be able to be the one that speaks the true word of Creation when everyone else is bickering over nonsensical shizzle,
to be the one who conquers the peoples hearts through charisma and shows great control of Creation, the one true force.

Sword Tard by jahw Chocobo Knight by Zeraga

To sum up:
What: Thumbshare Rekindle
When: December 27th
Where: #Thumbsshare on dAmn Chat (…)

Mark your calendars, or mark your thumbs, or write the date on your wall clock with your thumbs, or tell your cat to remind you!

The #Thumbshare crew and friends would love for you to stop by at any time for a silly good time all day long.
Everybody is welcome!

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:bulletgreen: Q 109: What is #Thumbsshare?
:bulletpurple: A:
#Thumbsshare is a dAmn chat where deviants come to socialize and share their art. It is a place where all types of artist can pool their minds and talents. Deviants can unite in celebrating their freedom, expression, voice, and wisdom. This community within our beloved deviantART community allows for the unique experience of putting personality behind the art. #Thumbsshare is about comfort, inspiration, and growth. Visitors to #Thumbsshare can enter expecting encouragement, constructive criticism, humor, aid, fellowship, and advice. Deviants can enter any dAmn chat for conversations, but they enter #Thumbsshare for the empowerment of art and of the dA community.
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:bulletgreen: Q 103: What is #Trivia? How do I play?
:bulletpurple: A:
Trivia is a quiz game on deviantART’s chat system, dAmn. Trivia was created by and brought to you by Thumbshare. To play, connect to #Trivia and reply to the questions given by *Thumbbot by typing exclusively the answer. Once the answer has been found wait for the next question.
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:bulletblue: Trivia FAQ:…
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