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London General Election Results - 2015 and 2017

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This map compares British general election results in London between 2015 and 2017. Increased support in London and surrounding areas was one of the main driving forces behind Labour's relative success in the 2017 general election. While the country as a whole saw large vote-share gains for both Labour and the Conservatives, in London, the Conservatives saw a decline in vote share. One of the main driving forces behind London's trends has been Brexit. The Conservatives' pro-Brexit rhetoric was unpopular in London, which voted to remain in the EU by a 60-40 margin. The other major driving force was demographics. London has a large young population and a large minority population. Both of these demographics are growing in London and are very supportive of the Labour party, especially under Corbyn's leadership. Of the minor parties, the Liberal Democrats saw a slight increase in their vote share, despite a slight decrease nationwide. This is largely because of their staunch anti-Brexit position which allowed them to make gains in parts of the wealthy south-west of the city which was strongly anti-Brexit but unlikely to support the Labour party due to its position of economic issues. UKIP saw a large decline also due to the fact that much of its pro-Brexit rhetoric being stolen by the Conservatives and a change in leadership. The Greens also saw a large decline, largely for the same reasons as UKIP. Corbyn's policies were a lot closer with the Greens' than Milliband's and thus many Green voters switched to Labour. 

This map is based on estimates based on Council Election results, demographics and Brexit referendum results. British general election results are rarely reported on the ward level.

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It's sad but this is what happens when the native population drops below 50%.

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I guess first party in most of wards was the same in 2015 and 2017.
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Yeah, British voters are less flexible that many other country's voters. You could do this map in the 1980s and it'd be quite similar. 
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Thum, you are 18 right now right? Which party are you gonna vote for? I am really interested.
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I don't really like any of the parties so depends on the candidates. Probably a protest vote for Ukeep : P
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What about you? How is Dutch politics? :P
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We have around 31 parties and with a few % of the popular vote they can get a seat. Now we have a party that is pretty much a copy paste of Erdogan's party. There is a new semi-competent party called Forum for Democracy, they like the Swiss model of voting and have interesting proposals. They want an Australian model for immigration and use laws that exist on fighting Muslim fundamentalism. 

But about your country, is it as fucked as it looks with the lolypop behind the couch? Theresa May? 
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I see. I remember we spoke a couple of years ago and you said you support Forum for Democracy. I like their immigration, EU and direct democracy policies alot! (although I don't like their economics). 

Also yeah, Britain is fucked. Theresa May hasn't negotiated a great deal on Brexit and parliament isn't helpful either. Looks likely that article 50 will be extended. Corbyn is probably the next prime minister. 
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May I ask what part of economics you do not like?

And when it comes to a couple of years ago, I was a fucking SJW without knowing it... I was a naive kid that knew everything that the government spreads in education, but I hope I do better now. 

You believe Corbyn will be elected? I doubt it, British election systems are f-ing shit. And since most people in the UK to my knowledge are fucking boomers, I doubt the Tories will ever lose power.
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Mainly their support for "simplifying" the tax system. Personally, I prefer more brackets, particularly for the rich. Also, they want to abolish inheritance tax, I support keeping it, especially for the rich.

Yeah, I remember when you were very left wing :P 

I think he probably will get elected. In the last election, he only got 2% less votes that Theresa May, so after afew more years of Conservative rule, i think the change will be enough to make Corbyn PM, not sure if he'll get a majority. 
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