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Armed Conflict related deaths in Europe 2017

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This map shows by country conflict related deaths in Europe 2017.

This includes clashes between opposing armed forces as well as acts of terrorism by one armed group against the civilians of another. 

De jure borders are used for statistical purposes. 

Light Pink - Minor Incidents - Less than 10 deaths.
Yellow - Skirmishes - Less than 100 deaths.
Orange - Minor Conflicts - Less than 1000 deaths.
Red - War - Less than 10,000 deaths.
Dark Red - Major Wars - More than 10,000 deaths. 
White - Full peace - 0 deaths.

If you notice mistakes, please say. 

Here is the 2016 version:…

I'll make a 2018 version soon.
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No way just 288 people died in Ukraine, according to a volunteer project which tracks (pro-)Russian casualties at least 527 of them were killed in 2017…
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Yeah, you are right. Wikipedia said 288, Uppsala said 409 and this says 527 for Russians alone. Thanks for pointing it out.
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Morocco must be light pink ^^
Btw good map
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I am not sure about the Netherlands but Morocco needs em' colors. 
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Notice how the more homogenous societies have less armed conflict with each other. Not blaming one group or another, I'm just saying that humans in general are racist in nature, black, white, Asian, Jewish, you name it.
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That is certainly a factor, although economic conditions and the actions of great powers tends to have a bigger role.
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Well I have difficulty believing that argument especially when Italy has had a similar crisis in their economy and yet they seem to be more peaceful than Germany while Germany is more fiscally responsible. France and Britain are also wealthier societies than Poland and Hungary, yet Poland and Hungary don't seem to have the same conflicts. Though economics probably does play a factor because another thing humans are good at is blaming one another.
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