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Chatter of the Month - August

AC Contest: Shoot it Again! WINNERS!

Tue Oct 16, 2018, 2:08 PM

Hello again Artisan Crafts!

 It's time to announce the winners of the 'Shoot it Again!' contest.
I challenged the entire artisan craft community here on DA to take something they had made and photograph it again, in an attempt to improve the presentation of their art. I even created a nifty little down and dirty guide on how to easily photograph stuff:
Super Simple Craft PhotographyI know some of y'all don't want to read a very technical and very lengthy tutorial on setting up some crazy lighting or program workflow just to take a decent (and DD-able) photo of your artisan crafts. I know some days I don't so I'll try to make this as simple as I can.

Think about this:
The tl;dr express list of what you need to focus on (hah!):
Clean the camera lens AND whatever you're photographingPick a good background and good propsLight! Outside on an overcast day*White balance (this shouldn't be a huge issue if you're shooting outside)Focus on your thing. YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT IN FOCUS smdhCrop it nicely.
     *(I'm not covering any form of studio lighting here because I want everyone, regardless of gear or skill, to be able to take a pretty

Some of y'all did just exactly that!

Here are the winners:

 1st Place:

 Winning a 3 Month Core Membership and 2000 points
 Original photo:
  UT - After the End by craftsbyblue
 New Photo:
  Black Butler - The Undertaker (Take II) by craftsbyblue

 2nd Place:

 Winning a 1 Month Core Membership and 1200 points
 Original photo:
  Sleepy Time :) by Amarantheans

 New Photo:
  artisan craft re-shoot by Amarantheans

3rd Place:

 Winning a 1 Month Core Membership and 1200 points
 Original photo:
  Rough Crystals #1: Kyanite by SlytherclawPadawan
 New Photo:
  Rough Crystals #1: Kyanite [RESHOOT] by SlytherclawPadawan


 Honorable Mention:



 Original photo:
  Ascended Rose by SinistrosePhosphate
 New Photo:
  Ascended Rose Reshoot by SinistrosePhosphate

 Thanks to everyone who participated!


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:iconcommunityrelations:    :iconcrartisancrafts:

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