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Black Manta

Black Manta. Bar-nun, the creepiest DC Villian. Next Cheetah

(c) DC Comics
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Great drawing.............Villian is just a matter of perspective... We need to work on the writers...cause there's no need for the "do gooders" to be victorious all the time.
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Love Black Manta, favorite water themed villain.
He isn't as scary when you remember that he is continually beaten by Aquaman and that his only superpower is owning a boat.
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Oh I like this! Very nice colors and lines. Very neatly done!
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Awesome picture! Black Manta has been one of my favorite baddies ever since his appearance on Challenge of the Super Friends! Gotta love that voice!!
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Thanks, Man. . .his voice scared the $#!t outta me!!
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Favorite Supervillain EVER.
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hahahaha, he is cool... I have never heard of him, but he definitely looks creepy !
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OHHHH WOW!! The BLACK MANTA HIMSELF!! Man, gotta stop this. Your DOIN' THA DAMN THANG here again!! You know this BANGGIN'!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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LOL!!! Thanks villain!!
now this really kicks ass
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ive always loved this dude's look... nice job T
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that's weird...
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Woah, that IS creepy! Awesome job, I like the texture on his skin :)
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Well, I fav'd that instantly. LOL! Well done Terry!

You've got me hooked... I can't stop visiting your site to see what you've done next.
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