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Shinken Hayanagi - Cyber Oni by Thrythlind
First New Seeds Character

World Setting: New Seeds
Status: Story Started
Birth Name: 森犬 波山羊 - Shinken Hayanagi aka Yanagi
Age: 18
Birthdate: March 21, 5:28 am , 1995
Greek Zodiac: Aries, Pisces Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Dog
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155 lbs
Hair: Black metal
Eyes: Red
Complexion: Green metallic
Ethnicity: Japanese
Nationality: Japanese
Home: Tokyo, Japan
Occupation: Police Recruit, Dimensional Castaway
Languages: Japanese, Winged-Earth Chinese, Net-Speak
"I just can't contain myself sometimes."
"This is only the best day yet."
"You're naked.  That doesn't say much for reasoning."
"For someone who claims to be so smart, you act a lot like a dumb jock who thought rohypnol would get him a date."
Heads Up Display: A run of information appears across Yanagi's line of vision.  This information and analysis seems to be drawn from her subconscious or maybe even unconscious mind.  This includes her curren
Shinken Hayanagi - Japanese Cyber-Oni
Charisma Stanyder - Alabaster Marilith by Thrythlind Second New Seeds Character
World Setting: New Seeds
Status: Story Started
Birth Name: Charisma Stanyder
Age: 23
Birthdate: October 31, 4:01 am, 1990
Zodiac: Scorpio, Libra Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Earth Snake
Height: 5'9" (with legs)
Tail: 15' long roughly
Weight: 165 lbs (humanoid) 783 lbs (marilith)
Hair: Flaming Brown
Eyes: Burning Red with Black Scelera
Complexion: Pale white marble
Ethnicity: English
Nationality: American
Home: San Antonio, Texas
Occupation: Independent Game Designer
Languages: English
"Don't compliment the cosplay."
"You might want to read the pamphlet before you ask anything else."
"Ugg, they are so getting blue bolted."
"The hypocrisy has been noted. My apologies."
Strength: Charisma has some level of increased strength though exactly how much is not certain.
Resilience: She has demonstrated a level of increased resilience after being thrown into a tree by a large alien beast and recovering almost immediately.
Heat Production: Her body, especially as a m
Charisma Stanyder - Texan Marilith Gamemaster
Corinna Hase - Honey Bee by Thrythlind Third New Seeds CharacterCorinna Hase

World Setting: New Seeds
Status: Story Started
Birth Name: Corinna Hase
Age: 25
Birthdate: September 22, 9:29 pm, 1988
Zodiac: Virgo, Gemini Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Fire Rabbit
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Liquid Honey Gold
Eyes: Jeweled Black
Complexion: Patterned Gold and Black
Ethnicity: German
Nationality: German
Home: Frankfurt, Germany
Occupation: Historian
Languages: Many
"I was born around here.  I used to be deaf though, so my accent is a little funny."
"Spiders. Spiders, flies, bees, moths, butterflies, ants.  Insects show up frequently in the Grimm tales."
"We just have to learn to accept her for who she is and not hold her disability against her."
"I'm not really sure,  This is all new to me."
Perception: Her multi-faceted eyes allow her to see the world in greater accuracy and detail than many other beings.
Flight: Her wings combined with something else seem to give her some ability to fly, but she does n
Corrina Hase - German Historian
Fourth New Seeds CharacterOtávia Ribeiro
Nationality: Brazilian
Age: 19
Birthdate: June 21st, 11:48, 1994
Occupation: Occultist/Cryptozoologist/Parapsychologist/Adventurer
Greek Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Water Rooster
Personality: Dabbler, intensely curious, flashy, brash, seems reckless, but thinks first, organized, can be domineering and inconsistent, sometimes seems never to finish anything
Special skills: Disappearing, recognizing opportunity, occult knowledge, climbing, conserving ammo, direction sense and wilderness survival
Embodiment: Curiosity
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 156 lbs
Hair: Black (for now)
Eyes: Black (for now)
Skin: Dark Brown (for now)

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Otávia Ribeiro - Brazilian Adventuress

Mature Content

Raisa Derevokrysy - Angelic Fighter by Thrythlind
Fifth New Seeds CharacterRaisa Derevokrysy
Nationality: Russian
Age: 28
Birthdate: January 1st, 12:01 pm 1985
Greek Zodiac: Capricorn, Aries Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Wood Rat
Occupation: Martial Artist
Personality: Cautious, cynical, secretly soft-hearted, deadpan snarker, slow to trust, stubborn, aggressive streak, hates bullies
Special skills: Fighting and weapon expertise, analyzing tactics, acid commentary
Embodiment: Compassion
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair: Black (for now)
Eyes: Blue (for now)
Skin: Pale White (for now)

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Raisa Derevokrysy - Russian Martial Artist
6th New Seeds CharacterDezba Archer
Nationality: Australian
Ethnicity: Navajo
Age: 21
Birthdate: December 22nd, 12:43 am, 1992
Greek Zodiac: Sagittarius, Virgo Rising
Chinese Zodiac: Metal Lamb
Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Miko
Personality: Idealistic, creative, warm-hearted, cautious and analytical, hates to be rushed, spiritual, occasionally tactless
Special skills: First Aid, Japanese Calligraphy, Spiritual Study, Genre Savvy, Origami
Embodiment: Faith

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Dezba Archer - Navajo-Australian Miko

New Seeds: Netting a Wild DogThe first of Shinken Hayanagi's stories is posted here:

Yanagi was about to start classes at the National Police Academy in Japan, unfortunately, there's this little matter of an invasion by a group of cybernetic beings that called themselves The Net.
Character Profile

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Netting a Wild Dog
New Seeds: Casting a Snake into the AbyssThe first of the stories revolving around Charisma Stanyder has been posted here:

Charisma Stanyder is a convention crawling gamemaster who looks forward to being a successful independent game designer someday.  Unfortunately, that goal has been interrupted by some decidedly uninvited demons.
Character Profile:


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Casting a Snake into the Abyss
New Seeds: Drawing a Honey Bee from the HiveThe first of the stories revolving around Corinna Hase has been posted here:

Corinna Hase is a young German historian working on her doctorate and researching provenances and authentications to make a living when the Hive quietly invades Frankfurt.
Character Profile:


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Drawing a Honey Bee from the Hive
A Fish out of ArcadiaThe first of the stories revolving around Corinna Hase has been posted here:

Corinna Hase is a young German historian working on her doctorate and researching provenances and authentications to make a living when the Hive quietly invades Frankfurt.
Character Profile:

The Strands of Fate game:
Strands of Fate
Strands of Power

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A Fish out of Arcadia
New Seeds: Hosting an Angel
The church was a small affair in Novosibirsk, a city of almost 1.5 million people, near the southern borders of the Russian Federation. The congregation this evening was small, though Christmas was expected to bring a rather large crowd. In any case, the minister shuffled his notes together and looked out over the expectant attendees to the evening service.
He thought back thirty years in the past when such a gathering would never have been possible under the Soviet communist government. Religion had been expressly forbidden and any attempt to pursue such spiritual exploration was harshly punished even in the 80’s.  Now, though atheism and spiritual but not religious populations combined formed the majority of the residents, people attended churches of various denominations every week and the younger generation thought almost nothing of it.
Minister Timofey Pasternack was Protestant, Lutheran to be precise, and that was another reason for the small size of his congregation.
Hosting an Angel

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