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Divine Blood stories available on DA:

Novel Sample Chapters:

This Looks Like a Safe Neighborhood... : fav.me/d42d6br
Deployment: fav.me/d42d9cq
Just a Girl: fav.me/d42dado
Creepy Cute: fav.me/d42dbfa
In Motion: fav.me/d42ddgt
Center of It: fav.me/d42dfjf
Unique Perspective: fav.me/d53r3zz

Extracurriculars listed chronologically to the Divine Blood Timeline (focus character in parantheses):

Regarding the Proper Use of Force (Gaetana Trolleti): fav.me/d5vpbpa
Following Dernhelm (Eowyn Desai): fav.me/d5bh3hn
Can't Go Home (Whelan Connor): fav.me/d5nw5qc
Smoke Over Grimsvotn (Lilitu Geisthexe): fav.me/d5bh2wj
Serious Matter (Sherissie Minaba): fav.me/d5bh3zv
A Day in the Life of a Busy Woman (Mao Semezou): fav.me/d5c0o5b
High School Hel (Hel Logesdottir): fav.me/d5j1hg7
Pop Quiz (Naiki Semezou): fav.me/d62tdla
Magnets: fav.me/d6eju4e

The Worlds:

The Second World - Psychic and Non-Human Civilians: fav.me/d6326x4
The Walled World - Heroes and Guardians: fav.me/d632aha
The Ragged World - Villains and Monsters: fav.me/d6iaffy
The World at War - Chaos and Calamity: fav.me/d6qriwm

The Races:

Race Compilation Picture: fav.me/d74lrnt

Human Set: fav.me/d6gxlzg
God Set: fav.me/d6kcy7y
Demon Set: fav.me/d6nmpgm

Minor Race Civilian Set 1: fav.me/d5z8by5
Minor Race "Bad-Ass" Set 1: fav.me/d6y99cv
Minor Race Civilian Set 2: fav.me/d63594r
Minor Race "Bad-Ass" Set 2: fav.me/d716r6u
Minor Race Civilian Set 3: fav.me/d686rtc
Minor Race "Bad-Ass" Set 3: fav.me/d74775d

Demons: fav.me/d5hf18t
Gods: fav.me/d5i5dpb
Ghouls: fav.me/d5lmacp
Humans: fav.me/d5gsakd
Kitsune: fav.me/d5k8ty7
Succubus: fav.me/d5kqkv0

Dryad TF Progression: fav.me/d6kk99x


Avalon: fav.me/d5lvlnb
The Disciples of the Evil Eye 1: fav.me/d5iwfwm
The Disciples of the Evil Eye 2: fav.me/d5mov5r
The Youxia: fav.me/d5n24zu

Artist Triples:

Three badass women by :icontoviorogers: fav.me/d6ka5ra
Cheerleader of the Apocalypse by :iconfredgdperry: fav.me/d68ak2a
Love Triangle by :icondpragan: fav.me/d6d3hla

Fiction Art:

Drak: fav.me/d627oq4
Eija Semezou: fav.me/d5f408t
Eowyn Desai: fav.me/d4w5fkv
Eun-Mi Moon: fav.me/d4osnrz
Captain Gaetana Trolleti: fav.me/d59vfrj
Hel Logesdottir: fav.me/d5ac1ds
Issa Massri: fav.me/d4frqrr
Lilitu Geisthexe: fav.me/d4nniab
Mao Semezou - Battle Ready: fav.me/d5bgdn3
Mao Semezou - Professional Attire: fav.me/d4vdktx
Naiki Semezou: fav.me/d5d8lej
Sherissie Minaba: fav.me/d56dq8p
Whelan Connor: fav.me/d5g1qsz
Yoon-Ji "Yooji" Jeon: fav.me/d6ea5ly

Eija and Yooji: fav.me/d4687q9
Hel's Request: fav.me/d5am9nl

Novel Cover: fav.me/d4hgs4j
Novel Cast: fav.me/d692sw5
Novel Internal Art 1: fav.me/d4hgwry
Novel Internal Art 2: fav.me/d4hgvd0
Novel Internal Art 3: fav.me/d4hgvxi
Novel Internal Art 4: fav.me/d4hgweu

Reference Pieces:

Earth Map: fav.me/d68hnz9
Psychic Population: fav.me/d61spkp

Character Creation

Page One Inks: fav.me/d5kj5oj
Page Two Inks: fav.me/d5xoiw7
Page Three Inks: fav.me/d5lo5lq
Page Four Inks: fav.me/d5nlfpj
Page Five Inks: fav.me/d5r4qvz
Page Six Inks: fav.me/d5t48om
Page Seven Inks: fav.me/d5xwsh7
Page Eight Inks: fav.me/d61wkhw
Page Nine Inks: fav.me/d627oez
Page Ten Inks: fav.me/d65g9sb
Page Eleven Inks: fav.me/d6efw3g

Page One Colors: fav.me/d607d0b
Page Two Colors: fav.me/d6kcxg4
Page Three Colors: fav.me/d63x70g
Page Four Colors: fav.me/d697kp0
Page Five Colors: fav.me/d6dsyt3
Page Six Colors: fav.me/d6i55ud
Page Seven Colors: fav.me/d6nchza
Page Eight Colors: fav.me/d6tu31i
Page Nine Colors: fav.me/d6v4krb
Page Ten Colors: fav.me/d6zwrmt
Page Eleven Colors: fav.me/d70vxwg

Character Sheet: fav.me/d6ilmh2


The Strands of Fate game:

Strands of Fate

Strands of Power

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