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United: Madison Square Garden Battle

This was a commissioned piece drawn by :iconshadaan:

He has posted here: Madison square Throwdown by Shadaan

From left to right we have Greyskin (my character), Vincent, Abyss and Abaddon.

This was the second or third campaign in the setting designed by my brother, I unfortunately missed the first two campaigns. Abyss's player was a veteran of the setting though he was playing a new character.

The campaign was basically super-powered black ops. My character was designed as the idealistic 18-year old superhero fangirl so she was the oddball, but still got her job done. Her near encyclopedic knowledge of various supers was very useful...but she did try to get a villain's autograph during a battle once.

This particular event, the aliens had recently invaded and killed a whole bunch of the greatest heroes in the world and stacked their bodies in Madison Square Garden...we were part of an operation to recover the bodies so that one of the two resurrection capable people in the world get bring them back to life.  Our role was the decoy...we went into the locker room and dropped our various abilities to remain invisible from the "detect cosmic power" abilities that allowed the aliens to track us down. Then we just held out while all the tech-equipped normal people tagged the corpses with teleport beacons and rigged the Garden to go boom.

Also, the monsters here were the cannon fodder, the alien leaders looked human.

Greyskin is a dimensional phaser and the team tank. She was built as a superstrength character and her "force field" was defined as being partially phased. There was nothing in the game that she didn't have at least partial resistance too, mental attacks, physical attacks, power drains, energy attacks, whatever. She got knocked unconscious once in the game and that wasn't this battle, but this battle came close because it was filled to the brim with power-drainers and she was limping along at less than half-power by the time we were pulled out because the operation succeeded.

Vincent was a highly successful thief with numerous gadgets and a hyper-regenerative factor. Basically mix Deadpool and Batman (if Batman went for puree-death balls.....we only used it once in game, just out of was terrifying...we decided not to use it again). At one point he helped fund the effort to reverse engineer a bunch of power suits we snagged from the anti-hybrid hate group (think anti-mutant group, but the powers come from mixed human and alien blood) and mass produce them to equip all the world with them before the aliens helped...a little.

Abyss was a summoner and buffer, he could teleport between shadows, summon eldritch monstrosities from a reality that had been totally corrupted by darkness (trust me, the reality corrupted by light was no better). Among his summons were a ninja-like stalker, a creepy grim-reaper-ish imp thing with massive fear effects, a pack of hell hounds and, of course, the pit....the pit was just as terrifying as the puree death balls, but we used it at least three or four times.

Abaddon was the only one of us that had powers without being descended from aliens and humans. Unknown to all of us until after the campaign (this includes the player who just requested not to be an alien hybrid). It turns it he was a child of the Eternal who is Hades.  He had a connection to the same reality as Abyss but used raw matter to create armor, weapons, chains (which could be used to create walls or entangle people) and was our best damage dealer (not including the Pit which most of us wanted to be nowhere near when it was summoned in case Abyss failed the control roll).
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Oh this looks Awesome!
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