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Teryna by Thrythlind Teryna by Thrythlind
art by :iconavionetca:

Once upon a time an adventuring wizard retired to an isolated tower in the forest where he would spend the rest of his days quietly experimenting with the forces of arcane power and hopelessly courting an elf druid who was part of a nearby circle. He was helped in this regard by his familiar, a brilliantly red-furred fox.

Then one day, someone came to the tower and tried to kill the wizard, only he was warned and saved in the last instant by the valiant sacrifice of his familiar. Rather than simply summon a new familiar, as most wizards would do, the wizard came to his druid friend and pleaded with her to save the life of his familiar. Touched, the druid cast a reincarnation spell.

And that's where Teryna came from.

Teryna has a tendency to refer to anybody she is friendly toward as "Master" or "Mistress" with the lack of such title generally meaning that someone is on thin ice. Then there are those that she considers "rude" which usually end up sprouting dagger blades. Her speech and manner are often very confusing as she's never bothered to explain to new acquaintances what her origin is but simply talks as if that context is common knowledge. She's not the best at following direct orders, not because she willfully disobeys but because she often gets distracted and forgets specifics and thus goes about taking care of tasks in whatever way she thinks would work best.

Her clothes and armor are many patched and ramshackle collections of whatever pieces fall to hand at any given time. She's skilled enough a tailor and leatherworker to keep her clothing practical, warm and functional, but it certainly isn't pretty. She is also a fairly decent cook but one might not wish to investigate her recipes since she considers a lot of spell components to be fair game for ingredients. Her bags are filled with all manner of knickknacks from juggling balls, marbles, jacks, fishing hooks and vials of ink and rabbit blood, just stuff that she picked up at the time.

She does have a knack for making friends, however, and her growing collection of daggers attests to the friends of various races that she's met and said farewell to in her travels. She's on a quest to find out why someone tried to kill her master and talk to his old adventuring comrades, though they're often gone when she finds them.

Also, she's occasionally concerned by the question of whether or not she left the soup cooking when she left the tower.

Teryna Quotes here: Teryna with Quotes by Thrythlind
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That's an awesome origin story. :D
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